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Miner : کان میں کام کرنے والا , Digger : کہودنے والا , Ditch Digger : خندق کھودنے والا , Drudge : چپراسی , Hand : کرائے کا کسان , Section Hand : قطعہ مزدور ٹولی کا ایک فرد , Fellah : عرب کسان , Stacker : ڈھیر کی شکل میں اکٹھا کرنے والا , Dock Worker : بندرگاہ کا مزدور , Hod Carrier : مزدور , Fireman : فائر مین , Yardman : بیرونی کام کرنے کےلئے مامور مزدور , Rail-Splitter : شہتیر اور بلیاں چیر کر کھمبے بنانے والا , Gipsy : خانہ بدوش , Bond Servant : غلام , Bondmaid : کنیز , Earner : دہاڑی دار , Paymaster : تنخواہ بانٹنے والا , Wage Scale : پیمانہ مزدوری , Paycheck : تنخواہ چیک , Blue-Collar : مزدور طبقہ , Diary : روز لکھے جانے والی ڈائری , Maladjusted : بے ترتیب , Sidereal : ستاروں کے ذریعے متعین ہونے والا , Wage-Earning : مزدور طبْقہ , Copartnership : شراکت داری , Blotter : پولیس کا روز کا ریکارڈ , Adjusted : حالات کے موافق , Labor : مزدور طبقہ , Newspaper : اخبار , Withholding : کٹوتی ٹیکس

Useful Words Definitions

Miner: laborer who works in a mine.

Digger: a laborer who digs.

Ditch Digger: a laborer who digs ditches.

Drudge: a laborer who is obliged to do menial work.

Hand: a hired laborer on a farm or ranch.

Section Hand: a laborer assigned to a section gang.

Fellah: an agricultural laborer in Arab countries.

Stacker: a laborer who builds up a stack or pile.

Dock Worker: a laborer who loads and unloads vessels in a port.

Hod Carrier: a laborer who carries supplies to masons or bricklayers.

Fireman: a laborer who tends fires (as on a coal-fired train or steamship).

Yardman: a laborer hired to do outdoor work (such as mowing lawns).

Rail-Splitter: a laborer who splits logs to build split-rail fences.

Gipsy: a laborer who moves from place to place as demanded by employment.

Bond Servant: someone bound to labor without wages.

Bondmaid: a female bound to serve without wages.

Earner: someone who earn wages in return for their labor.

Paymaster: a person in charge of paying wages.

Wage Scale: a schedule of wages paid for different jobs.

Paycheck: a check issued in payment of wages or salary.

Blue-Collar: of those who work for wages especially manual or industrial laborers.

Diary: a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations.

Maladjusted: poorly adjusted to demands and stresses of daily living.

Sidereal: (of divisions of time) determined by daily motion of the stars.

Wage-Earning: working for hourly wages rather than fixed (e.g. annual) salaries.

Copartnership: a partnership in which employees get a share of the profits in addition to their wages.

Blotter: the daily written record of events (as arrests) in a police station.

Adjusted: adjusted to demands of daily living; showing emotional stability.

Labor: a social class comprising those who do manual labor or work for wages.

Newspaper: a daily or weekly publication on folded sheets; contains news and articles and advertisements.

Withholding: income tax withheld from employees' wages and paid directly to the government by the employer.

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