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Debrief meaning in Urdu

Debrief Sentence

The released hostages were debriefed.

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Useful Words

Feed Back : رائے دینا : respond to a query or outcome.

Allege, Aver, Say : بتانا : report or maintain. "That`s what I say".

Fir : ابتدائی اطلاعاتی رپورٹ : First Information Report. "Had you registered FIR?".

Acknowledge, Receipt : تسلیم کرنا : report the receipt of. "The program committee acknowledged the submission of the authors of the paper".

Communique, Despatch, Dispatch : اعلامیہ : an official report (usually sent in haste).

Account, Report : اطلاع : the act of informing by verbal report. "He heard reports that they were causing trouble".

Debriefing : تفتیش براۓ حصول معلومات : report of a mission or task.

White Book, White Paper : سرکاری رپورٹوں پر مبنی کتاب : a government report; bound in white.

Absentee Rate : غیر حاضر ملازمین کی شرح : the percentage of workers who do not report to work.

Accept : لے لینا : receive (a report) officially, as from a committee.

Shadow, Shadower, Tail : جاسوس : a spy employed to follow someone and report their movements.

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