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1 of 7) Decline, Diminution : گرنا, کم ہونا : (noun) change toward something smaller or lower.

Business position is in decline.

2 of 7) Decline, Worsen : بد تر ہونا : (verb) grow worse.

3 of 7) Decline, Pass Up, Refuse, Reject, Turn Down : انکار کرنا, رد کر دینا : (verb) refuse to accept.

4 of 7) Decline, Declension, Declination, Declivity, Descent, Downslope, Fall : جھکنا, ڈھلوان, جھکاوٴ : (noun) a downward slope or bend.

5 of 7) Decline, Go Down, Wane : کم بڑھنا : (verb) grow smaller.

6 of 7) Decline : جھکنا : (verb) go down.

The roof declines here.

7 of 7) Decline, Correct, Slump : نیچے آجانا, حیثت کم ہونا : (verb) go down in value.

Useful Words

Ebb : کم ہونا , Erosion : گراوٹ , Regret : معذرت کرنا , Comedown : گراوٹ , Loss : گھاٹا , Anticlimax : عروج کے بعد زوال , Fall Off : نمایاں طور پر تخفیف ہو جانا , Downfall : زوال کا باعث ہونا , Autumnal : ڈھلتی عمر کا , Inflation : مہنگائی , Ebb : تنزل , Collapse : مندی , Business Cycle : تجارتی اتار چڑھاو , Recession : کساد بازاری , Strainer : چھاننے والا , Reductive : تخفیف , Transit : عبور کرنا , Subdivide : تقسیم در تقسیم کرنا , Sublimate : پگھلے بغیر بھاپ بن جانا , Motility : حرکت , Exchange : بدلنا , Wane : کم ہونا , Subcompact : کار جو عام کار سے چھوٹی ہو , Decrease : کم کرنا , Contract : سکڑنا , Contract : چھوٹا کرنا , Elapse : گزر جانا , Make Pass : گزارنا , Come About : واقع ہونا , Cut : چیرنا , Relay : پہنچانا

Useful Words Definitions

Ebb: fall away or decline.

Erosion: a gradual decline of something.

Regret: decline formally or politely.

Comedown: decline to a lower status or level.

Loss: gradual decline in amount or activity.

Anticlimax: a disappointing decline after a previous rise.

Fall Off: fall heavily or suddenly; decline markedly.

Downfall: a sudden decline in strength or number or importance.

Autumnal: characteristic of late maturity verging on decline.

Inflation: a general gain in prices and decline in the purchasing value of money..

Ebb: a gradual decline (in size or strength or power or number).

Collapse: a sudden large decline of business or the prices of stocks (especially one that causes additional failures).

Business Cycle: recurring fluctuations in economic activity consisting of recession and recovery and growth and decline.

Recession: the state of the economy declines; a widespread decline in the GDP and employment and trade lasting from six months to a year.

Strainer: a filter to retain larger pieces while smaller pieces and liquids pass through.

Reductive: characterized by or causing diminution or curtailment.

Transit: pass across (a sign or house of the zodiac) or pass across (the disk of a celestial body or the meridian of a place).

Subdivide: divide into smaller and smaller pieces.

Sublimate: change or cause to change directly from a solid into a vapor without first melting.

Motility: a change of position that does not entail a change of location.

Exchange: change over, change around, as to a new order or sequence.

Wane: become smaller.

Subcompact: a car smaller than a compact car.

Decrease: make smaller.

Contract: become smaller or draw together.

Contract: make smaller.

Elapse: pass by.

Make Pass: cause to pass.

Come About: come to pass.

Cut: pass through or across.

Relay: pass along.

Related Words

Downhill : ڈھلوان , Incline : ڈھلوان , Steep : ڈھلوان , Decrease : کم ہونا , Come Down : بیمار پڑ جانا , Degenerate : بگڑنا , Decrease : کم کرنا , Deprive : دور کرنا , Fail : خراب ہونا , Drop Away : زوال پذیر ہونا , Wear On : آہستہ آہستہ وقت گزرنا , Disdain : دھتکار دینا , Come Down : کم ہونا , Dip : ڈوبا , Dishonor : رد کرنا , Bounce : مسترد کر کے واپس کرنا

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