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1) Definition : وضاحت Wazahat : (noun) a concise explanation of the meaning of a word or phrase or symbol.

Urdu Synonym(s) : تعریف Tareef

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Definition of Serious and Complex Medical Conditions.
The Definition of Death: Contemporary Controversies.
The Definition of Moral Virtue.

Useful Words

Concise : مختصر اور جامع Mukhtasar Or Jamay : expressing much in few words. "A concise explanation"

Account Explanation : وضاحت Wazahat : a statement that makes something comprehensible by describing the relevant structure or operation or circumstances etc.. "The explanation was very simple"

Import Meaning Significance Signification : مطلب Matlab : the message that is intended or expressed or signified. "What is the meaning of this sentence"

Articulate Formulate Give Voice Phrase Word : اظہار کرنا Izhar Karna : put into words or an expression. "He formulated his concerns to the board of trustees"

Symbol : اشارہ Ishara : an arbitrary sign (written or printed) that has acquired a conventional significance.

Word : بات Baat : a brief statement. "Take my word"

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