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Delectable meaning in Urdu

Delectable Synonyms


Delectable Definitions

1) Delectable, Delicious, Luscious, Pleasant-Tasting, Scrumptious, Toothsome, Yummy : خوش ذائقہ, مزیدار, لذیذ : (satellite adjective) extremely pleasing to the sense of taste.

Useful Words

Mouth-Watering : منھ میں پانی لانے والا , Tasty : خوش ذائقہ , Ambrosial : شہد بھرا , Nice : اچھا , Unpalatable : بد مزہ , Dainty : لذیذ , Distasteful : بد مزا , Fab : حیرت انگیز , Tastelessly : بے دلی سے , Sociable : ملنسار , Balmy : تسکین بخش , Pleasingness : مرغوبیت , Change : تبدیلی , Kindly : اچھا , Fragrant : پر مہک , Lemonlike : ترش سا , Acetose : سرکے جیسا , Aroma : خوشبو , Bed Of Roses : آسان , Aromatic : خوشبو دار , Garlicky : لہسنی , Personable : خوبصورت , Benign : سلیم , Happy : خوش مزاج , Sweeten : خوش خو بنانا , Afterglow : حسین یادیں , Moldiness : بو سیدگی , Melody : دھن , Cheery : خوشی سے بھرپور , Amuse : دل بہلانا , Get Through : بوریت کا وقت خوشی سے گزارنا

Useful Words Definitions

Mouth-Watering: pleasing to the sense of taste.

Tasty: pleasing to the sense of taste.

Ambrosial: extremely pleasing to the taste; sweet and fragrant.

Nice: pleasant or pleasing or agreeable in nature or appearance.

Unpalatable: not pleasant or acceptable to the taste or mind.

Dainty: especially pleasing to the taste.

Distasteful: not pleasing in odor or taste.

Fab: extremely pleasing.

Tastelessly: without taste or in poor taste; in a tasteless manner.

Sociable: friendly and pleasant.

Balmy: mild and pleasant.

Pleasingness: pleasant palatability.

Change: a difference that is usually pleasant.

Kindly: pleasant and agreeable.

Fragrant: pleasant-smelling.

Lemonlike: tasting sour like a lemon.

Acetose: tasting or smelling like vinegar.

Aroma: a distinctive odor that is pleasant.

Bed Of Roses: an easy or pleasant situation.

Aromatic: having a strong pleasant odor.

Garlicky: relating to or tasting or smelling of garlic.

Personable: (of persons) pleasant in appearance and personality.

Benign: pleasant and beneficial in nature or influence.

Happy: noticeably happy and optimistic,pleasant..

Sweeten: make sweeter, more pleasant, or more agreeable.

Afterglow: the pleasure of remembering some pleasant event.

Moldiness: the quality of smelling or tasting old or stale or mouldy.

Melody: the perception of pleasant arrangements of musical notes.

Cheery: bright and pleasant; promoting a feeling of cheer.

Amuse: occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion.

Get Through: spend or pass, as with boredom or in a pleasant manner; of time.

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