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لذیذ : Laziz Meaning in English

Laziz Synonyms

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Laziz in Detail

1 of 3) خوش ذائقہ مزیدار لذیذ : Delectable Delicious Luscious Pleasant-Tasting Scrumptious Toothsome Yummy : (satellite adjective) extremely pleasing to the sense of taste.

Related : Tasty : pleasing to the sense of taste.


2 of 3) لذیذ : Epicurean Hedonic Hedonistic : (satellite adjective) devoted to pleasure.

Related : Indulgent : characterized by or given to yielding to the wishes of someone.

3 of 3) لذیذ مزیدار : Dainty : (satellite adjective) especially pleasing to the taste.

Related : Tasty : pleasing to the sense of taste.

Useful Words

منھ میں پانی لانے والا : Mouth-Watering, Savory, Savoury : pleasing to the sense of taste.

خوش ذائقہ : Tasty : pleasing to the sense of taste. "A tasty morsel".

شہد بھرا : Ambrosial, Ambrosian, Nectarous : extremely pleasing to the taste; sweet and fragrant. "A nectarous drink".

اچھا : Nice : pleasant or pleasing or agreeable in nature or appearance. "Nice to meet you".

بد مزہ : Unpalatable : not pleasant or acceptable to the taste or mind. "An unpalatable meal".

بد مزا : Distasteful, Unsavory, Unsavoury : not pleasing in odor or taste.

حیرت انگیز : Fab, Fabulous : extremely pleasing. "She doesn`t look beautiful without a make up but she looked fabulous as a bride".

مزیدار لقمہ : Choice Morsel, Tidbit, Titbit : a small tasty bit of food.

شفقت سے : Indulgently : in an indulgent manner. "I was indulgently advised to give the kids what they wanted unless I wished my son to be socially ostracised".

بے دلی سے : Tastelessly : without taste or in poor taste; in a tasteless manner. "The house was tastelessly decorated".

لاڈ کرنے والا : Adoring, Doting, Fond : extravagantly or foolishly loving and indulgent. "Adoring mother".

تسکین بخش : Balmy, Mild, Soft : mild and pleasant. "Balmy days and nights".

اچھا : Kindly : pleasant and agreeable. "A kindly climate".

پر مہک : Fragrant : pleasant-smelling.

ملنسار : Sociable : friendly and pleasant. "A sociable gathering".

مرغوبیت : Pleasingness, Tastiness : pleasant palatability.

تبدیلی : Change, Variety : a difference that is usually pleasant. "He goes to France for variety".

ترش سا : Lemonlike, Lemony, Sourish, Tangy, Tart : tasting sour like a lemon.

سرکے جیسا : Acetose, Acetous, Vinegarish, Vinegary : tasting or smelling like vinegar.

خوشبو : Aroma, Fragrance, Perfume, Scent : a distinctive odor that is pleasant. "My father gifted to me a nice scent".

خوشبو دار : Aromatic, Redolent : having a strong pleasant odor. "The pine woods were more redolent".

آسان : Bed Of Roses, Rose Bed : an easy or pleasant situation. "School would be bed of roses without tests and homework".

لہسنی : Garlicky : relating to or tasting or smelling of garlic. "Garlicky sauce".

خوبصورت : Personable : (of persons) pleasant in appearance and personality. "Personable view".

خوش مزاج : Happy, Glad, Cheerful : noticeably happy and optimistic,pleasant.. "Don`t give up and keep trying to get married One day you will get married and you will be glad that you didn`t give up".

خوش خو بنانا : Sweeten : make sweeter, more pleasant, or more agreeable. "Sweeten a deal".

سلیم : Benign, Benignant : pleasant and beneficial in nature or influence. "A benign smile".

حسین یادیں : Afterglow : the pleasure of remembering some pleasant event. "He basked in the afterglow of his victory".

بو سیدگی : Moldiness, Must, Mustiness : the quality of smelling or tasting old or stale or mouldy.

دل بہلانا : Amuse, Disport, Divert : occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion. "The play amused the ladies".

دھن : Melody, Tonal Pattern : the perception of pleasant arrangements of musical notes.

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