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Delinquent meaning in Urdu

Delinquent Sentence

Delinquent in his duty.

Delinquent Synonyms


Delinquent Definitions

1 of 2) Delinquent, Juvenile Delinquent : کمسن مجرم, مجرم بچہ : (noun) a young offender.

2 of 2) Delinquent, Derelict, Neglectful, Remiss : غیر ذمہ دار, لاپرواہ, غافل : (satellite adjective) failing in what duty requires; exhibiting carelessness or slackness.

Useful Words

Juvenile Court : عدالت اطفال , Detention Camp : بچوں کی جیل , Neglectfully : غفلت سے , Laxity : ڈھیلے پن سے , Adolescent : بلوغت کی طرف بڑھتا ہوا , High Treason : غداری , Condonation : صرف نظر , Arrest Warrant : عدالتی وارنٹ , Chaperon : نگہبان , Spring Chicken : نوجوان , Piggy : سور کا بچہ , Rejuvenate : دوبارہ جوان ہوجانا , Early : کم عمر , Youngish : قریب قریب جوان , Puppy : کتے کا بچہ , Heifer : بچھیا , Child : بچہ یا بچی , Duckling : بطخ کا چوزہ , Littleneck : گہونگا ایک قسم کا جانور , Hatch : انڈے سے بچے کی پیدائش , Parr : چھوٹی عمر کی مچھلی , Pullet : مرغی کا بچہ , Fille : لڑکی , Callow : نا پختہ , Bambino : چھوٹا سا بچہ , Sapling : نوجوان پودا , Fawn : ہرن کا بچہ , Baby : کم عمر جانور , Lamb : دنبہ , Tender : بچگانہ , Kiddy : چھوٹا بچہ

Useful Words Definitions

Juvenile Court: a court having jurisdiction over dependent and delinquent children.

Detention Camp: an institution where juvenile offenders can be held temporarily (usually under the supervision of a juvenile court).

Neglectfully: in a neglectful manner.

Laxity: the quality of being lax and neglectful.

Adolescent: a juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity.

High Treason: a crime that undermines the offender`s government.

Condonation: a pardon by treating the offender as if the offense had not occurred.

Arrest Warrant: a warrant authorizing law enforcement officials to apprehend an offender and bring that person to court.

Chaperon: one who accompanies and supervises a young woman or gatherings of young people.

Spring Chicken: a young person (especially a young man or boy).

Piggy: a young pig.

Rejuvenate: become young again.

Early: very young.

Youngish: somewhat young.

Puppy: a young dog.

Heifer: young cow .

Child: a young person.

Duckling: young duck.

Littleneck: a young quahog.

Hatch: the production of young from an egg.

Parr: the young of various fishes.

Pullet: young hen usually less than a year old.

Fille: a young woman.

Callow: young and inexperienced.

Bambino: a young child.

Sapling: young tree.

Fawn: a young deer.

Baby: a very young mammal.

Lamb: young sheep.

Tender: young and immature.

Kiddy: a young child.

Related Words

Offender : گناہ گار , Negligent : غیر محتاط

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