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Delirium meaning in Urdu

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1 of 2) Delirium, Craze, Frenzy, Fury, Hysteria : دیوانہ پن, غصہ : (noun) state of violent mental agitation.

2 of 2) Delirium : ذہنی خلفشار : (noun) a usually brief state of excitement and mental confusion often accompanied by hallucinations.

Useful Words

Deliriously : پاگلوں کی طرح , Bubonic Plague : گلٹی دار طاعون , Tumult : ہنگامہ آرائی , Vex : پریشان کرنا , Dither : افراتفری , Calm : پر سکون ہو جانا , Agitation : خلفشار , Combustion : اشتعال , Sturm Und Drang : کھلبلی , Aberration : دماغی خلل , Absorption : ذہن پر سوار ہونے کا عمل , Disturbance : پریشان حال , Study : تحقیق کرنا , Morbid : بیمار , Dazed : حواس باختہ , Feel : محسوس کرنا , Grimace : منھ بنانا , Agitation : ذہنی بے چینی , Hallucinosis : ایسی حالت جس میں انسان تخیل میں پرواز کرتا ہے , Stress : زہنی دباو , Good Health : تندرستی , Nympholepsy : کسی چیز کا جنون ہونا , Torpidity : سستی , Confusedness : ذہنی الجھاو , Attitude : رویہ , Depression : گھبراہٹ , Frenzied : خبطی , Anxiety : پریشانی , Tranquilly : اطمینان سے , Stir : شورش , Unrest : بے چینی

Useful Words Definitions

Deliriously: as if in a delirium.

Bubonic Plague: the most common form of the plague in humans; characterized by chills, prostration, delirium and the formation of buboes in the armpits and groin; does not spread from person to person.

Tumult: violent agitation.

Vex: disturb the peace of mind of; afflict with mental agitation or distress.

Dither: an excited state of agitation.

Calm: become quiet or calm, especially after a state of agitation.

Agitation: a state of agitation or turbulent change or development.

Combustion: a state of violent disturbance and excitement.

Sturm Und Drang: a state of violent disturbance and disorder (as in politics or social conditions generally).

Aberration: a disorder in one's mental state.

Absorption: the mental state of being preoccupied by something.

Disturbance: an unhappy and worried mental state.

Study: a state of deep mental absorption.

Morbid: suggesting an unhealthy mental state.

Dazed: in a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock.

Feel: be conscious of a physical, mental, or emotional state.

Grimace: contort the face to indicate a certain mental or emotional state.

Agitation: a mental state of extreme emotional disturbance.

Hallucinosis: a mental state in which the person has continual hallucinations.

Stress: (psychology) a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense.

Good Health: the state of being vigorous and free from bodily or mental disease.

Nympholepsy: a frenzy of emotion; as for something unattainable.

Torpidity: a state of motor and mental inactivity with a partial suspension of sensibility.

Confusedness: a mental state characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behavior.

Attitude: a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways.

Depression: a mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity.

Frenzied: affected with or marked by frenzy or mania uncontrolled by reason.

Anxiety: (psychiatry) a relatively permanent state of worry and nervousness occurring in a variety of mental disorders, usually accompanied by compulsive behavior or attacks of panic.

Tranquilly: without emotional agitation.

Stir: emotional agitation and excitement.

Unrest: a feeling of restless agitation.

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