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1) Depone, Depose, Swear : حلفیہ بیان دینا, شہادت دینا : (verb) make a deposition; declare under oath.

Useful Words

Affirmation : عہد , Affidavit : حلفی بیان , Cabal : چالیں چلنا , Proclaim : اعلان کرنا , Deponent : شہادت دینے والا , Shale : ایک قسم کی پرت جیسی چٹان , Bound : پابند , Pledged : حلفی , Unsworn : غیر حلفی , Swear : حلف اٹھانا , Swearer : قسم کھانے والا , Bayat : بیعت , Testimony : شہادت , Witness : گواہ , Bearing False Witness : جہوٹی قسم کھانا , Adjudge : قرار دینا , Oath : حلف , Hippocratic Oath : طب یونانی کا حلف , Annul : کالعدم قرار دینا , Disqualify : غیر موزوں قرار دینا , Dismiss : تحلیل کرنا , Criminalise : ناجائز قرار دینا , Bastardise : حرامی قرار دینا , Convict : مجرم قرار دینا , Deny : تردید کرنا , Canonise : ولی بنانا , Predicate : توثیق کرنا , Advise : تجویز دینا , Formalise : جائز ٹھہرانا , Condemn : غیر مناسب قرار دینا , Hippocrates : یونانی علاج کا بانی

Useful Words Definitions

Affirmation: (religion) a solemn declaration that serves the same purpose as an oath (if an oath is objectionable to the person on religious or ethical grounds).

Affidavit: written declaration made under oath; a written statement sworn to be true before someone legally authorized to administer an oath.

Cabal: engage in plotting or enter into a conspiracy, swear together.

Proclaim: declare formally; declare someone to be something; of titles.

Deponent: a person who testifies or gives a deposition.

Shale: a sedimentary rock formed by the deposition of successive layers of clay.

Bound: bound by an oath.

Pledged: bound by or as if by an oath.

Unsworn: not bound by or stated on oath.

Swear: promise solemnly; take an oath.

Swearer: someone who takes a solemn oath.

Bayat: an oath of allegiance to an emir.

Testimony: a solemn statement made under oath.

Witness: (law) a person who testifies under oath in a court of law.

Bearing False Witness: criminal offense of making false statements under oath.

Adjudge: declare to be.

Oath: a commitment to tell the truth (especially in a court of law); to lie under oath is to become subject to prosecution for perjury.

Hippocratic Oath: an oath taken by physicians to observe medical ethics deriving from Hippocrates.

Annul: declare invalid.

Disqualify: declare unfit.

Dismiss: declare void.

Criminalise: declare illegal; outlaw.

Bastardise: declare a child to be illegitimate.

Convict: find or declare guilty.

Deny: declare untrue; contradict.

Canonise: declare (a dead person) to be a saint.

Predicate: affirm or declare as an attribute or quality of.

Advise: make a proposal, declare a plan for something.

Formalise: declare or make legally valid.

Condemn: declare or judge unfit for use or habitation.

Hippocrates: Greek medical practitioner who is regarded as the father of medicine; author of the Hippocratic oath (circa 460-377 BC).

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