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1) Depressed, Blue, Dispirited, Down, Down In The Mouth, Downcast, Downhearted, Gloomy, Grim, Low, Low-Spirited : افسردہ, غمگین : (satellite adjective) filled with melancholy and despondency.

Depressed by the loss of his job.

Useful Words

Heavyheartedness : مایوسی , Heavyhearted : مایوس , Umbilicate : ناف نما , Resurrect : دوبارہ بحال کرنا , Dumps : اداسی کی کیفیت , Duck : مرغابی , Dispiritedly : بے دلی سے , Gloom : رنج و غم , Cavernous : بہت زیادہ حساس بافت جو اوپر کو اٹھ سکے اور ہیجانی حالت میں تن جائے , Mandrill : خونخوار لنگور , Atomic Number 76 : بہت سخت پلاٹینم کا گروہ , Ultramarine : گہرے نیلے رنگ کا , Baneberry : زہریلی بیری کا پودا , Beguiled : حیران کن , At A Loss : تذبذب کا شکار , Watery : پانی سے بھرا , Jam-Packed : کھچا کھچ بھرا ہوا , Brimful : لبا لب , Abscessed : پیپ بھرا , Salty : نمکین , Shadowed : سایہ دار , Fraught : معنی خیز , Slough : دلدلی جگہ , Satisfied : پر اطمینان , Laden : بھرا ہوا , Cloud-Covered : بے دہوپ کا , Liquid : آنسوں سے بھری ہوئی , Instinct : بھرا , Marveller : حیران شخص , Afraid : دہشت زدہ , Brumous : دھندلا

Useful Words Definitions

Heavyheartedness: a feeling of dispirited melancholy.

Heavyhearted: depressed.

Umbilicate: depressed like a navel.

Resurrect: restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state.

Dumps: an informal expression for a mildly depressed state.

Duck: small wild or domesticated web-footed broad-billed swimming bird usually having a depressed body and short legs.

Dispiritedly: in a dispirited manner without hope.

Gloom: a feeling of melancholy apprehension.

Cavernous: filled with vascular sinuses and capable of becoming distended and rigid as the result of being filled with blood.

Mandrill: baboon of west Africa with a bright red and blue muzzle and blue hindquarters.

Atomic Number 76: a hard brittle blue-grey or blue-black metallic element that is one of the platinum metals; the heaviest metal known.

Ultramarine: a vivid blue to purple-blue color.

Baneberry: a plant having acrid poisonous berries. Cohosh refers to a group of flowering plants, including black cohosh and blue cohosh, used in herbal medicine. Black cohosh is commonly used to alleviate menopausal symptoms, while blue cohosh has traditional uses for various ailments.

Beguiled: filled with wonder and delight.

At A Loss: filled with bewilderment.

Watery: filled with water.

Jam-Packed: filled to capacity.

Brimful: filled to capacity.

Abscessed: infected and filled with pus.

Salty: containing or filled with salt.

Shadowed: filled with shade.

Fraught: filled with or attended with.

Slough: a hollow filled with mud.

Satisfied: filled with satisfaction.

Laden: filled with a great quantity.

Cloud-Covered: filled or abounding with clouds.

Liquid: filled or brimming with tears.

Instinct: (followed by `with')deeply filled or permeated.

Marveller: someone filled with admiration and awe; someone who wonders at something.

Afraid: filled with fear or apprehension.

Brumous: filled or abounding with fog or mist.

Related Words

Dejected : اداس

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