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ڈھانپنا : Dhanpna Meaning in English

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1 of 10) ہر طرف سے بند کر نا لپیٹنا چاروں طرف سے بند کرنا : Enclose Enfold Envelop Enwrap Wrap : (verb) enclose or enfold completely with or as if with a covering.

Related : Cover : provide with a covering or cause to be covered. Benight : envelop with social, intellectual, or moral darkness. Capsulize : enclose in a capsule.


2 of 10) ڈھانپنا : Cover Overlay : (verb) put something on top of something else.

Related : Cover : provide with a covering or cause to be covered.

3 of 10) ڈھانپنا لپیٹنا : Wrap Wrap Up : (verb) arrange or fold as a cover or protection.

Related : Do Up : wrap for decorative purposes. Parcel : make into a wrapped container. Cover : provide with a covering or cause to be covered.

4 of 10) ڈھانپنا : Blanket : (verb) cover as if with a blanket.

Related : Cover : provide with a covering or cause to be covered.

5 of 10) ڈھانپنا محفوظ بنانا : Insulate : (verb) protect from heat, cold, or noise by surrounding with insulating material.

Related : Modify : cause to change; make different; cause a transformation.

6 of 10) ڈھانپنا : Cover : (verb) provide with a covering or cause to be covered.

Related : Smear : cover (a surface) by smearing (a substance) over it. Turf : cover (the ground) with a surface layer of grass or grass roots.

7 of 10) ڈھانپنا : Mantle : (verb) cover like a mantle.

8 of 10) ڈھانپنا : Cover Wrap Up : (verb) clothe, as if for protection from the elements.

Related : Tog : provide with clothes or put clothes on.

9 of 10) ڈھانپنا : Brush : (verb) cover by brushing.

Related : Cover : provide with a covering or cause to be covered.

10 of 10) ڈھانپنا : Draw : (verb) move or pull so as to cover or uncover something.

Related : Shut : move so that an opening or passage is obstructed; make shut.

Useful Words

لپیٹنا : Bandage, Bind : wrap around with something so as to cover or enclose.

کیپسول میں بند کرنا : Capsulate, Capsule, Capsulise, Capsulize : enclose in a capsule.

درختوں کی کنج میں رہنا : Bower, Embower : enclose in a bower.

بند کرنا : Box In, Box Up : enclose or confine as if in a box.

دیوار کے ساتھ کرنا : Wall In, Wall Up : enclose with a wall.

پھنسے ہونا : Case, Encase, Incase : enclose in, or as if in, a case. "My feet were encased in mud".

باڑ بند کرنا : Corral : enclose in a corral. "Corral the horses".

نیام میں ڈالنا : Sheathe : enclose with a sheath. "Sheathe a sword".

مچھلی پکڑنے کا جال : Fishing Net, Fishnet : a net that will enclose fish when it is pulled in.

جنگلا : Fence, Fencing : a barrier that serves to enclose an area.

بند باندھنا : Embank : enclose with banks, as for support or protection. "The river was embanked with a dyke".

باڑ لگانا : Hedge, Hedge In : enclose or bound in with or as it with a hedge or hedges. "Hedge the property".

دیوار : Wall : an architectural partition with a height and length greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose an area or to support another structure. "We are being pushed against the wall".

دبا ہونا : Drown, Overwhelm, Submerge : cover completely or make imperceptible. "I was drowned in work".

ڈوب جانا : Deluge, Inundate, Submerge : fill or cover completely, usually with water.

ہوا بند : Hermetic : completely sealed; completely airtight. "Hermetic packaging is a type of packaging in which many of the products at your local supermarket are sealed".

پوری طرح : Stark : completely. "Stark mad".

تمام : All The Way, Clear : completely. "Read the book clear to the end".

کسی چیز سے تنگ ہوجانا : Beat, Exhaust, Tucker, Tucker Out, Wash Up : wear out completely. "This kind of work exhausts me".

پورا ننگا : Au Naturel, Bare, Naked, Nude : completely unclothed. "He was naked".

مکمل تباہ شدہ : Annihilated, Exterminated, Wiped Out : destroyed completely.

شرابور کر دینا : Drenching, Soaking, Souse, Sousing : the act of making something completely wet. "He gave it a good drenching".

خالی کرنا : Evacuate : empty completely. "Evacuate the bottle".

خالی کرنا : Clean Out, Clear Out : empty completely. "We cleaned out all the drawers".

اطمینان بخش : Copacetic, Copasetic, Copesetic, Copesettic : completely satisfactory. "His smile said that everything was copacetic".

خراب کرنا : Break, Bust : ruin completely. "Being a law enforcement personnel he can not only bust some serious moves of mafias but can also slay the criminals under the table".

خرچ کردینا : Spend : spend completely. "I spend my pocket money in two days".

بے قابو : Runaway : completely out of control. "Runaway inflation".

تھکا دینا : Kill : tire out completely. "The daily stress of her work is killing her".

لپیٹنا : Smother, Surround : envelop completely. "Smother the meat in gravy".

تباہ کرنا : Demolish, Pulverise, Pulverize : destroy completely. "The wrecking ball demolished the building".