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1 of 27) Draw, Get Out, Pull, Pull Out, Take Out : نکالنا : (verb) bring, take, or pull out of a container or from under a cover.

Draw a weapon.

Related : Withdraw : remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract. Take Out : remove, usually with some force or effort; also used in an abstract sense. Unsheathe : draw from a sheath or scabbard.


2 of 27) Draw, Force, Pull : دھکا لگانا : (verb) cause to move by pulling.

Draw a wagon.

Related : Twitch : move or pull with a sudden motion. Adduct : draw a limb towards the body. Abduct : pull away from the body.

3 of 27) Draw, Attract, Draw In, Pull, Pull In : کھینچنا, لبھانا : (verb) direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes.

Related : Tug : pull hard.

4 of 27) Draw, Attracter, Attraction, Attractor, Drawing Card : اپنی طرف کھنچنے والا, متوجہ کرنے والا : (noun) an entertainer who attracts large audiences.

He was the biggest drawing card they had.

Related : Entertainer : a person who tries to please or amuse.

5 of 27) Draw, Disembowel, Eviscerate : پیٹ چاک کر کے آنتین نکالنا : (verb) remove the entrails of.

Draw a chicken.

Related : Withdraw : remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract.

6 of 27) Draw, Reap : حاصل کرنا : (verb) get or derive.

Related : Gain : obtain.

7 of 27) Draw, Standoff, Tie : کشمکش : (noun) the finish of a contest in which the score is tied and the winner is undecided.

The game ended in a draw.

Related : Dead Heat : a tie in a race.

8 of 27) Draw, Delineate, Describe, Line, Trace : خاکہ بنانا, لکیر کھینچنا : (verb) make a mark or lines on a surface.

Draw a line.

Related : Mark : make or leave a mark on. Construct : draw with suitable instruments and under specified conditions. Circumscribe : draw a line around.

9 of 27) Draw, Lot : قرعہ اندازی : (noun) anything (straws or pebbles etc.) taken or chosen at random.

The luck of the draw.

Related : Physical Object : a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow.

10 of 27) Draw, Make : اخذ کرنا : (verb) make, formulate, or derive in the mind.

I draw a line here.
Draw a conclusion.+ More

11 of 27) Draw, Hook, Hooking : گالف کا شارٹ : (noun) a golf shot that curves to the left for a right-handed golfer.

12 of 27) Draw : پینسل سے بنانا : (verb) represent by making a drawing of, as with a pencil, chalk, etc. on a surface.

Draw me a horse.

13 of 27) Draw, Depict, Describe : تشریح کرنا, وضاحت کرنا, نقشہ کھینچنا : (verb) give a description of.

Related : Sketch : describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of.

14 of 27) Draw, Haul, Haulage : کھینچنے کا عمل : (noun) the act of drawing or hauling something.

Related : Pulling : the act of pulling; applying force to move something toward or with you. Towage : the act of hauling something (as a vehicle) by means of a hitch or rope.

15 of 27) Draw, Drag, Puff : کش لینا : (verb) suck in or take (air).

Draw a deep breath.
Draw on a cigarette.

Related : Inspire : draw in (air).

16 of 27) Draw : آہستہ آہستہ آنا : (verb) move or go steadily or gradually.

Related : Travel : change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically.

17 of 27) Draw, Draw Off, Take Out, Withdraw : نکالنا, نکلوانا : (verb) remove (a commodity) from (a supply source).

She has withdrawn the money.

Related : Withdraw : remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract. Dip : take a small amount from. Hive Off : withdraw (money) and move into a different location, often secretly and with dishonest intentions.

18 of 27) Draw : لے جانا : (verb) bring or lead someone to a certain action or condition.

She was drawn to despair.
The President refused to be drawn into delivering an ultimatum.+ More

Related : Modify : cause to change; make different; cause a transformation.

19 of 27) Draw : بہانا : (verb) cause to flow.

Related : Withdraw : remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract.

20 of 27) Draw : تصویر کشی کرنا : (verb) engage in drawing.

He spent the day drawing in the garden.

Related : Create : pursue a creative activity; be engaged in a creative activity.

21 of 27) Draw : ڈھانپنا : (verb) move or pull so as to cover or uncover something.

Draw the shades.
Draw the curtains.

Related : Shut : move so that an opening or passage is obstructed; make shut.

22 of 27) Draw, Draw And Quarter, Quarter : ہاتھ پاوں گھوڑوں سے باندھ کر قتل کرنا : (verb) pull (a person) apart with four horses tied to his extremities, so as to execute him.

In the old days, people were drawn and quartered for certain crimes.

Related : Kill : cause to die; put to death, usually intentionally or knowingly.

23 of 27) Draw, Pull : دھکیلنا : (verb) cause to move in a certain direction by exerting a force upon, either physically or in an abstract sense.

Related : Move : cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense.

24 of 27) Draw, Absorb, Imbibe, Soak Up, Sop Up, Suck, Suck Up, Take In, Take Up : جذب کرنا, سمولینا : (verb) take in, also metaphorically.

Related : Wipe Up : to wash or wipe with or as if with a mop.

25 of 27) Draw, String, Thread : پرونا : (verb) thread on or as if on a string.

Related : Bead : string together like beads. Set Up : put into a proper or systematic order.

26 of 27) Draw, Guide, Pass, Run : دوڑانا, پھیرنا : (verb) pass over, across, or through.

Related : Rub : move over something with pressure.

27 of 27) Draw, Tie : کھیل برابر کرنا : (verb) finish a game with an equal number of points, goals, etc.

Related : Match : make equal, uniform, corresponding, or matching.

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Useful Words

Cause, Get, Have, Induce, Make, Stimulate : قائل کرنا : cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner. "The induced me for fake collision to obtain money fraudulently from insurance companies".

Container : ڈبہ : any object that can be used to hold things (especially a large metal boxlike object of standardized dimensions that can be loaded from one form of transport to another).

Cover : ڈھانپنا : provide with a covering or cause to be covered. "Cover her face with a handkerchief".

Move : ایک جگہ سے دوسری جگہ جانا : change residence, affiliation, or place of employment. "The whole family moved to Canada".

Out : دور : away from home. "Get out from there".

Pull : کھینچنا : apply force so as to cause motion towards the source of the motion. "Pull the rope".

Nether, Under : نیچے کی شے : located below or beneath something else. "We are one under the shadow of this flag".