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دھچکا : Dhchka Meaning in English

Dhchka in Detail

1 of 2) دھچکا : Blip : (noun) a sudden minor shock or meaningless interruption.


2 of 2) دھچکا : Blow Shock : (noun) an unpleasant or disappointing surprise.

Useful Words

بے معنی : Meaningless , خلل : Break , اچانک : All Of A Sudden , اچانک رونما ہونے والا چیز : Sudden , اچانک : All At Once , بچے کی ناگہانی موت : Cot Death , دھچکا لگنا : Appal , خون کی کمی کی وجہ سے صدمہ ہونا : Hypovolemic Shock , حربی تھکن : Battle Fatigue , برقی جھٹکا : Electric Shock , حملہ آور فوجی دستے : Shock Troops , نابالغ : Minor , زہنی دباو دور کرنے کی دوا : Antianxiety Drug , مقدمہ صغری : Minor Premise , ضمنی : Incidental , پیلے پھول والا امریکی پودا : Hooded Pitcher Plant , پانی پر تیرنے والی بیل : Common Duckweed , غیر اطمینان بخش : Disappointing , حیرت میں ڈال دینا : Surprise , ناپسندیدہ : Unpleasant

Useful Words Definitions

Meaningless: having no meaning or direction or purpose.

Break: some abrupt occurrence that interrupts an ongoing activity.

All Of A Sudden: happening unexpectedly.

Sudden: happening without warning or in a short space of time.

All At Once: without warning.

Cot Death: sudden and unexpected death of an apparently healthy infant during sleep.

Appal: strike with disgust or revulsion.

Hypovolemic Shock: shock caused by severe blood or fluid loss.

Battle Fatigue: a mental disorder caused by stress of active warfare.

Electric Shock: the use of electricity to administer punishment or torture.

Shock Troops: soldiers who are specially trained and armed to lead an assault.

Minor: not of legal age.

Antianxiety Drug: a tranquilizer used to relieve anxiety and reduce tension and irritability.

Minor Premise: the premise of a syllogism that contains the minor term (which is the subject of the conclusion).

Incidental: (frequently plural) an expense not budgeted or not specified.

Hooded Pitcher Plant: yellow-flowered pitcher plant of southeastern United States having trumpet-shaped leaves with the orifice covered with an arched hood.

Common Duckweed: of temperate regions except eastern Asia and Australia.

Disappointing: not up to expectations.

Surprise: cause to be surprised.

Unpleasant: disagreeable to the senses, to the mind, or feelings.

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