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دلکش : Dilkash Meaning in English

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Dilkash andaz tha es ka

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Dilkash in Detail

1 of 12. Pretty : دلکش Dilkash خوبصورت Khoobsurat خوش نما Khush Numa : pleasing by delicacy or grace; not imposing.

Related : Beautiful

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2 of 12. Dramatic Spectacular Striking : دلکش Dilkash : sensational in appearance or thrilling in effect.

Related : Impressive

3 of 12. Catching Detection Espial Spotting Spying : دلکش Dilkash مشاہدہ Mushaaheda دریافت Daryaft : (noun) the act of detecting something; catching sight of something.

4 of 12. Prepossessing : دلکش Dilkash خوشگوار Kushgawaar : creating a favorable impression.

Related : Attractive

5 of 12. Winsome : دلکش Dilkash : charming in a childlike or naive way.

Related : Attractive

6 of 12. Lovely : دلکش Dilkash حسین Haseen : appealing to the emotions as well as the eye.

Related : Beautiful

7 of 12. Picturesque : خوش نما Khush Numa دلکش Dilkash عمدہ Umda : suggesting or suitable for a picture; pretty as a picture.

Related : Beautiful

8 of 12. Empyreal Empyrean Sublime : دلکش Dilkash : inspiring awe.

Related : Glorious

9 of 12. Captivated Charmed : متاثرکن Mutasarkn دلکش Dilkash : strongly attracted.

Related : Loving

10 of 12. Charming : دلکش Dilkash دل فریب Dil Faraib : pleasing or delighting.

Related : Pleasing

11 of 12. Delicious Delightful : زبردست Zabardast راحت بخش Rahat Bakhsh دلکش Dilkash : greatly pleasing or entertaining.

Related : Pleasing

12 of 12. Alluring Beguiling Enticing Tempting : لبھانے والا Lubhanay Wala دلکش Dilkash دلفریب Dilfareb : highly attractive and able to arouse hope or desire.

Related : Seductive

Useful Words

Hazari Karam : Grace : a disposition to kindness and compassion. "It`s the grace of my Lord"

Meharbani Huliya : Appearance : outward or visible aspect of a person or thing. "Have you seen your appearance?"

Kisi Ka Zahir : Appearance : outward or visible aspect of a person or thing. "Have you seen your appearance?"

Hulia Tasur Nafaz Nafast : Delicacy : the quality of being beautiful and delicate in appearance. "The fineness of her features"

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