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Dramatic meaning in Urdu

Dramatic Sentence

A dramatic sunset.

Dramatic Synonyms

Dramatic Definitions

1) Dramatic, Spectacular, Striking : دلکش : (satellite adjective) sensational in appearance or thrilling in effect.


Useful Words

Dramatically : ڈرامائی انداز میں , Adopt : ڈرامہ بنانا , Dramatisation : ڈرامے بازی , Performance : اداکاری , Hammy : ضرورت سے زیادہ اداکار , Bombshell : انتہائی دلکش , Walk-On : کسی فلم میں ایک مختصر کردار ادا کرنا , Afterpiece : مذاحیہ خلاصہ , Drama : کھیل , Performer : اداکار , Book : رسم الخط , Metamorphosis : تبدیلی , Capital Of Syria : دمشق , Effective : موثر , Sensationally : جوش و جذبے کے ساتھ , Ballyhoo : کھلم کھلا تشہیر , Shocker : سنسنی خیز کہانی , Spectacularly : تماشے کی کیفیت لیے ھوئے , Pageant : جشن , Hearst : امریکی اخبار نویس , New Zealand : نیوزیلینڈ , Bright : چمکیلے رنگ کا , Colorful : رنگین , Remarkable : غیر معمولی , Strikingly : موثر طریقے سے , Impact : جسم کی دوسرے جسم سے ٹکر , Astounding : تعجب خیز , Apposite : مناسب , Head : سرا , Zinger : چبھتا جملہ , Arrowhead : تیر کی نوک

Useful Words Definitions

Dramatically: in a dramatic manner.

Adopt: put into dramatic form.

Dramatisation: conversion into dramatic form.

Performance: a dramatic or musical entertainment.

Hammy: affectedly dramatic; overacted.

Bombshell: an entertainer who has a sensational effect.

Walk-On: plays a small part in a dramatic production.

Afterpiece: a brief dramatic piece (usually comic) presented after a play.

Drama: a dramatic work intended for performance by actors on a stage.

Performer: an entertainer who performs a dramatic or musical work for an audience.

Book: a written version of a play or other dramatic composition; used in preparing for a performance.

Metamorphosis: a striking change in appearance or character or circumstances.

Capital Of Syria: an ancient city (widely regarded as the world`s oldest) and present capital and largest city of Syria; according to the New Testament, the Apostle Paul (then known as Saul) underwent a dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus.

Effective: producing or capable of producing an intended result or having a striking effect.

Sensationally: in a sensational manner.

Ballyhoo: blatant or sensational promotion.

Shocker: a sensational message (in a film or play or novel).

Spectacularly: in a spectacular manner.

Pageant: a rich and spectacular ceremony.

Hearst: United States newspaper publisher whose introduction of large headlines and sensational reporting changed American journalism (1863-1951).

New Zealand: an independent country within the British Commonwealth; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1907; known for sheep and spectacular scenery.

Bright: having striking color.

Colorful: having striking color.

Remarkable: unusual or striking.

Strikingly: in a striking manner.

Impact: the striking of one body against another.

Astounding: bewildering or striking dumb with wonder.

Apposite: being of striking appropriateness and pertinence.

Head: the striking part of a tool.

Zinger: a striking or amusing or caustic remark.

Arrowhead: the pointed head or striking tip of an arrow.

Related Words

Impressive : موٴثر

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