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1) Disappointed, Defeated, Discomfited, Foiled, Frustrated, Thwarted : مایوس کن : (satellite adjective) disappointingly unsuccessful.

Disappointed expectations and thwarted ambitions.

Related : Unsuccessful : not successful; having failed or having an unfavorable outcome.

Useful Words

Dud, Flop, Washout : ناکام شخص : someone who is unsuccessful. "You can not do it because you are dud".

Fail, Go Wrong, Miscarry : ناکام ہونا : be unsuccessful. "Work hard lest you should fail".

Out : اقتدار سے باہر : out of power; especially having been unsuccessful in an election. "Now the Democrats are out".

Defeat, Licking : ہار : an unsuccessful ending to a struggle or contest. "He doesn`t acknowledge defeat".

Aeneas Silvius, Enea Silvio Piccolomini, Pius Ii : اٹلی کا پوپ : Italian pope from 1458 to 1464 who is remembered for his unsuccessful attempt to lead a crusade against the Turks (1405-1464).

Disappointedly : مایوسی میں : in disappointment; in a disappointed manner. "She left the gambling table disappointedly".

Babel, Tower Of Babel : بابل : (Genesis 11:1-11) a tower built by Noah's descendants (probably in Babylon) who intended it to reach up to heaven; God foiled them by confusing their language so they could no longer understand one another.

Beatable, Vanquishable, Vincible : قابل شکست : susceptible to being defeated.

Lost Cause : ناکام کوشش : a defeated cause or a cause for which defeat is inevitable.

Heir Apparent : یقینی وارث : an heir whose right to an inheritance cannot be defeated if that person outlives the ancestor.

Cyrus, Cyrus The Younger : قدیم ایران کا بادشاہ : Persian prince who was defeated in battle by his brother Artaxerxes II (424-401 BC).

Heir Presumptive : ممکنہ وارث : a person who expects to inherit but whose right can be defeated by the birth of a nearer relative.

Cortes, Cortez, Hernan Cortes, Hernan Cortez, Hernando Cortes, Hernando Cortez : میکسیکو کا فاتح : Spanish conquistador who defeated the Aztecs and conquered Mexico (1485-1547).

Actium : قدیم بحری جنگ : the naval battle in which Antony and Cleopatra were defeated by Octavian`s fleet under Agrippa in 31 BC.

Agrippa, Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa : رومی جرنل : Roman general who commanded the fleet that defeated the forces of Antony and Cleopatra at Actium (63-12 BC).

A. E. Burnside, Ambrose Everett Burnside, Burnside : امریکی جنرل : United States general in the American Civil War who was defeated by Robert E. Lee at the Battle of Fredericksburg (1824-1881).

Admiral Nelson, Horatio Nelson, Lord Nelson, Nelson, Viscount Nelson : انگریز بحری افسر : English admiral who defeated the French fleets of Napoleon but was mortally wounded at Trafalgar (1758-1805).

Agincourt : فرانس کی لڑائی : a battle in northern France in which English longbowmen under Henry V decisively defeated a much larger French army in 1415.

Aegospotami, Aegospotamos : ترکی کی ایک ندی : a creek emptying into the Hellespont in present-day Turkey; at its mouth in 405 BC the Spartan fleet under Lysander defeated the Athenians and ended the Peloponnesian War.

Hawkins, Hawkyns, Sir John Hawkins, Sir John Hawkyns : انگریز سمندری قزاق : English privateer involved in the slave trade; later helped build the fleet that in 1588 defeated the Spanish Armada (1532-1595). "Hawkins in history".

Communist Party Of Kampuchea, Khmer Rouge, Kr, Party Of Democratic Kampuchea : کمبوڈیا کی عسکری تنظیم : a communist organization formed in Cambodia in 1970; became a terrorist organization in 1975 when it captured Phnom Penh and created a government that killed an estimated three million people; was defeated by Vietnamese troops but remained active until 1999.

Disappointingly : غیر تسلی بخش طور پر : in a disappointing manner. "The discoverer of argon, Sir William Ramsay, looked disappointingly ordinary".

Unsuccessful : ناکامیاب : not successful; having failed or having an unfavorable outcome.

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