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Disgruntlement meaning in Urdu

Disgruntlement Definitions

1) Disgruntlement : اداسی : (noun) a feeling of sulky discontent.


Useful Words

Huffishness : غصہ , Dissatisfaction : بے اطمینانی , Sulkily : آزدرگی یا افسردگی , Disgruntled : شکوہ سنج , Repine : کڑھنا , Dysphoria : گھبراہٹ , Discontentedly : بے اطمینانی سے , Complain : گلہ کرنا , Make A Stink : شدید اعتراض کرنا , Unhappy : رنجیدہ , Pleasantness : مرغوبیت , Hungry : بھوکا , Nauseated : متلی , Ballottement : تشخیص حمل کا ایک طریقہ , Detached : الگ تھلگ , Gaiety : مسرت , Boding : اندیشہ , Hardhearted : احساس سے خالی , Dejectedness : افسردگی , Caring : محبت کا احساس , Elation : بہت خوش , Oppression : ظلم , Bubble Over : بلبلانا , Care : خوف , Emotion : جذبات , Shamefacedness : شرمیلا پن , Emotionless : بے حس , Shameless : بے شرم , Exultation : خوشی کا احساس , Malice : کینہ , Insight : سمجھ

Useful Words Definitions

Huffishness: a feeling of sulky resentment.

Dissatisfaction: the feeling of being displeased and discontent.

Sulkily: in a sulky manner.

Disgruntled: in a state of sulky dissatisfaction.

Repine: express discontent.

Dysphoria: abnormal depression and discontent.

Discontentedly: with discontent; in a discontented manner.

Complain: express complaints, discontent, displeasure, or unhappiness.

Make A Stink: take strong and forceful action, as to object or express discontent.

Unhappy: experiencing or marked by or causing sadness or sorrow or discontent.

Pleasantness: the feeling caused by agreeable stimuli; one pole of a continuum of states of feeling.

Hungry: feeling hunger; feeling a need or desire to eat food.

Nauseated: feeling nausea; feeling about to vomit.

Ballottement: a palpatory technique for feeling a floating object in the body (especially for determining the position of a fetus by feeling the rebound of the fetus after a quick digital tap on the wall of the uterus).

Detached: being or feeling set or kept apart from others.

Gaiety: a gay feeling.

Boding: a feeling of evil to come.

Hardhearted: devoid of feeling for others.

Dejectedness: a feeling of low spirits.

Caring: a loving feeling.

Elation: a feeling of joy and pride.

Oppression: a feeling of being oppressed.

Bubble Over: overflow with a certain feeling.

Care: an anxious feeling.

Emotion: any strong feeling.

Shamefacedness: feeling embarrassed about yourself.

Emotionless: unmoved by feeling.

Shameless: feeling no shame.

Exultation: a feeling of extreme joy.

Malice: feeling a need to see others suffer.

Insight: a feeling of understanding.