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1 of 5) Distribute, Administer, Allot, Deal, Deal Out, Dish Out, Dispense, Dole Out, Lot, Mete Out, Parcel Out, Shell Out : دینا : (verb) administer or bestow, as in small portions.

2 of 5) Distribute, Spread : پھیلانا : (verb) distribute or disperse widely.

3 of 5) Distribute, Give Out, Hand Out, Pass Out : تقسیم کرنا : (verb) give to several people.

4 of 5) Distribute, Circulate, Pass Around, Pass On : تقسیم کرنا, بانٹنا : (verb) cause be distributed.

Useful Words

Distributive : تقسیم سے متعلق , Allocator : تقسیم کرنے والا , Redistribute : دوبارہ تقسیم کرنا , Circularise : تشہیر کرنا , Baptise : عیسائی مذہب میں گناہوں سے پاک کر نا , Disperse : چھڑکنا , Executive : صاحب امر , Anaesthetise : دوا سے بے ہوش کرنا , Scatter : بکھیرنا , Deploy : نصب کرنا , Bench : ججوں کا گروہ , Pontificate : پادری کا عہدہ سنبھالنا , Allocate : بانٹنا , Electric Shock : برقی جھٹکا , Government Officials : دفتری حکومت , Bagman : رشوت لینے یا تقسیم کرنے والا , Court : عدالت انصاف , Judicatory : عدالتی نظام , Probate : وصیت نامے کی تصدیق , Wall Plate : دیواری داسہ , Administrator : جائیداد تقسیم کرنے والا , Dealership : کسی کمپنی کی اشیاء فروخت کرنے کا کاروبار , Priest : مسیحی پیشوا , Affidavit : حلفی بیان , Cocotte : کوکر , Give : ادا کرنا , Add : اضافہ کرنا , Favor : فائدہ دینا , Honor : اعزاز سے نوازنا , Carve Up : ٹکڑے کرنا , Division : حصہ

Useful Words Definitions

Distributive: serving to distribute or allot or disperse.

Allocator: a person with authority to allot or deal out or apportion.

Redistribute: distribute anew.

Circularise: distribute circulars to.

Baptise: administer baptism to.

Disperse: distribute loosely.

Executive: persons who administer the law.

Anaesthetise: administer an anesthetic drug to.

Scatter: strew or distribute over an area.

Deploy: to distribute systematically or strategically.

Bench: persons who administer justice.

Pontificate: administer a pontifical office.

Allocate: distribute according to a plan or set apart for a special purpose.

Electric Shock: the use of electricity to administer punishment or torture.

Government Officials: people elected or appointed to administer a government.

Bagman: a racketeer assigned to collect or distribute payoff money.

Court: a tribunal that is presided over by a magistrate or by one or more judges who administer justice according to the laws.

Judicatory: the system of law courts that administer justice and constitute the judicial branch of government.

Probate: a judicial certificate saying that a will is genuine and conferring on the executors the power to administer the estate.

Wall Plate: plate (a timber along the top of a wall) to support the ends of joists, etc., and distribute the load.

Administrator: the party appointed by a probate court to distribute the estate of someone who dies without a will or without naming an executor.

Dealership: a business established or operated under an authorization to sell or distribute a company's goods or services in a particular area.

Priest: a clergyman in Christian churches who has the authority to perform or administer various religious rites; one of the Holy Orders.

Affidavit: written declaration made under oath; a written statement sworn to be true before someone legally authorized to administer an oath.

Cocotte: a small casserole in which individual portions can be cooked and served.

Give: bestow.

Add: bestow a quality on.

Favor: bestow a privilege upon.

Honor: bestow honor or rewards upon.

Carve Up: separate into parts or portions.

Division: one of the portions into which something is regarded as divided and which together constitute a whole.

Related Words

Metastasise : پورے جسم میں مرض پھیلنا , Air : عام کرنا , Circulate : پھیل جانا , Straw : پھیلانا , Displace : چیز کو ایک جگہ سے ہٹانا , Diffuse : منتشر ہونا , Gift : تحفہ دینا , Allot : دینا , Apportion : حصہ دینا , Apply : دینا

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