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1 of 2) Divider : تقسیم کرنے والا : (noun) a person who separates something into parts or groups.


2 of 2) Divider, Partition : علیحدہ کرنے والا : (noun) a vertical structure that divides or separates (as a wall divides one room from another).

Useful Words

Subdivider : ذیلی تقسیم کار , Comber : دھنیا , Affinity : حیاتیات کا تعلق , Joiner : ملاپ کو پسند کرنے والا , Tinker : مکینک , Feature : چہرے کا کوئی حصہ , Grill : انگیٹھی , Septum : نتھنوں کے درمیان فاضل ناک , Wall : دیوار , Complex Conjugate : مساوی عدد , Western : مغربی , Divided Highway : دو راستوں والی بڑی شاہراہ , Palate : تالو , Abruptio Placentae : حمل کی خرابی , Blood Serum : پیپ , Side : فریق , Communication : مراسلہ , Confrontation : محاز آرائی , Contact : گروہوں کا رابطہ , Group Theory : ریاضی کی شاخ جو گروہ پر بات کرتی ہے , Band : گروہ , Isolation : علیحدگی , Dichotomise : دو پر تقسیم کرنا , Zoological : حیوانیاتی , Battle : لڑائی , Dealing : معاملہ , Common Front : مشترکہ محاذ , Footing : تعلقات , Private : خاص , Racial : نسلی , Impact : تصادم

Useful Words Definitions

Subdivider: someone who divides parts into smaller parts (especially a divider of land into building sites).

Comber: a person who separates and straightens the fibers of cotton or wool.

Affinity: (biology) state of relationship between organisms or groups of organisms resulting in resemblance in structure or structural parts.

Joiner: a person who likes to join groups.

Tinker: a person who enjoys fixing and experimenting with machines and their parts.

Feature: the characteristic parts of a person`s face: eyes and nose and mouth and chin.

Grill: a framework of metal bars used as a partition or a grate.

Septum: (anatomy) a dividing partition between two tissues or cavities.

Wall: an architectural partition with a height and length greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose an area or to support another structure.

Complex Conjugate: either of two complex numbers whose real parts are identical and whose imaginary parts differ only in sign.

Western: relating to or characteristic of the western parts of the world or the West as opposed to the eastern or oriental parts.

Divided Highway: a highway divided down the middle by a barrier that separates traffic going in different directions.

Palate: the upper surface of the mouth that separates the oral and nasal cavities.

Abruptio Placentae: a disorder of pregnancy in which the placenta prematurely separates from the wall of the uterus.

Blood Serum: an amber, watery fluid, rich in proteins, that separates out when blood coagulates.

Side: one of two or more contesting groups.

Communication: something that is communicated by or to or between people or groups.

Confrontation: the act of hostile groups opposing each other.

Contact: a channel for communication between groups.

Group Theory: the branch of mathematics dealing with groups.

Band: an unofficial association of people or groups.

Isolation: a state of separation between persons or groups.

Dichotomise: divide into two opposing groups or kinds.

Zoological: of or relating to animals or animal groups.

Battle: an open clash between two opposing groups (or individuals).

Dealing: the act of transacting within or between groups (as carrying on commercial activities).

Common Front: a movement in which several individuals or groups with different interests join together.

Footing: status with respect to the relations between people or groups.

Private: confined to particular persons or groups or providing privacy.

Racial: of or related to genetically distinguished groups of people.

Impact: the violent interaction of individuals or groups entering into combat.

Related Words

Individual : شخص , Construction : بناوٹ

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