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1 of 2) Dollar : ڈالر, امریکا کا سکہ : (noun) the basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 cents.

1 dollar is equal to 207.79 rupees.

Related : Monetary Unit : a unit of money.

2 of 2) Dollar, Buck, Clam, Dollar Bill, One Dollar Bill : ایک ڈالر کا نوٹ : (noun) a piece of paper money worth one dollar.

Related : Usa : North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776. Note : a piece of paper money (especially one issued by a central bank).

Useful Words

Billion-Dollar Grass, Echinochloa Frumentacea, Japanese Barnyard Millet, Japanese Millet, Sanwa Millet : باجرے کا پودا : coarse annual grass cultivated in Japan and southeastern Asia for its edible seeds and for forage; important wildlife food in United States.

Dollar Diplomacy : معاشیاتی سفارت کاری : diplomacy influenced by economic considerations.

Five Dollar Bill, Five-Spot, Fiver : پانچ ڈالر والا نوٹ : a United States bill worth 5 dollars.

Hong Kong Dollar : ہانگ کانگ کی کرنسی : the basic unit of money in Hong Kong. "1 Hong Kong Dollar is equal to 874 Indian Rupees".

C-Note, Hundred Dollar Bill : سو ڈالر : a United States bill worth 100 dollars. "I had hundred dollar bill".

Cartwheel, Silver Dollar : ڈالر کا سکہ : a dollar made of silver.

Taiwan Dollar : تائوان کی کرنسی : the basic unit of money in Taiwan.

Turn A Nice Dime, Turn A Nice Dollar, Turn A Nice Penny : اچھا فائدہ ہونا : make a satisfactory profit. "The company turned a nice dime after a short time".

Rupee, Sri Lanka Rupee : سری لنکا کا سکہ : the basic unit of money in Sri Lanka; equal to 100 cents.

Mauritian Rupee, Rupee : ماریشس کا سکہ : the basic unit of money in Mauritius; equal to 100 cents.

Shilling, Ugandan Shilling : یوگانڈا کی کرنسی : the basic unit of money in Uganda; equal to 100 cents.

Rupee, Seychelles Rupee : سیشیلز کا سکہ : the basic unit of money in Seychelles; equal to 100 cents.

Kenyan Shilling, Shilling : کینیا کی کرنسی : the basic unit of money in Kenya; equal to 100 cents.

Finnish Monetary Unit : فنلینڈ کا سکہ : monetary unit in Finland.

Honduran Monetary Unit : ہونڈوراس کی کرنسی : monetary unit in Honduras. "One unit of Honduran currency is called the lempira".

Ukranian Monetary Unit : یوکرائن کا روپیہ : monetary unit in Ukraine.

Mongolian Monetary Unit : منگولیا کی کرنسی : monetary unit in Mongolia.

Bulgarian Monetary Unit : بلغاریا کی کرنسی : monetary unit in Bulgaria.

Afghan Monetary Unit : افغانی : monetary unit in the Islamic State of Afghanistan.

Paisa : پیسہ : a fractional monetary unit in Bangladesh and India and Nepal and Pakistan.

Yen : جاپانی سکہ : the basic unit of money in Japan; equal to 100 sen.

Taka : بنگلہ دیشی سکہ : the basic unit of money in Bangladesh; equal to 100 paisa.

Pakistani Rupee, Rupee : روپیہ : the basic unit of money in Pakistan; equal to 100 paisa. "Some odd rupees left".

Chilean Peso, Peso : چلی کی کرنسی : the basic unit of money in Chile; equal to 100 centesimos.

Nepalese Rupee, Rupee : نیپال کا سکہ : the basic unit of money in Nepal; equal to 100 paisa.

Colon, Costa Rican Colon : کوسٹاریکا کی کرنسی : the basic unit of money in Costa Rica; equal to 100 centimos.

Usance : ادئیگی کی میعاد : the period of time permitted by commercial usage for the payment of a bill of exchange (especially a foreign bill of exchange).

British Pound, British Pound Sterling, Pound, Pound Sterling, Quid : ایک پاونڈ : the basic unit of money in Great Britain and Northern Ireland; equal to 100 pence.

Nickel : پانچ سینٹ کا امریکی سکہ : a United States coin worth one twentieth of a dollar.

Force Per Unit Area, Pressure, Pressure Level : دباو : the force applied to a unit area of surface; measured in pascals (SI unit) or in dynes (cgs unit). "The compressed gas exerts an increased pressure".

Candela, Candle, Cd, Standard Candle : روشنی کی شدت کا اندازہ لگانے کی معیاری اکائی : the basic unit of luminous intensity adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites; equal to 1/60 of the luminous intensity per square centimeter of a black body radiating at the temperature of 2,046 degrees Kelvin.

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