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Downward meaning in Urdu

Downward Sentences

Prices plunged downward.
The downward course of the stream.

Downward Synonyms


Downward Definitions

1 of 2) Downward, Down : نیچے کی طرف : (satellite adjective) extending or moving from a higher to a lower place.

2 of 2) Downward, Down, Downwardly, Downwards : اوپر سے نیچے کی طرف : (adverb) spatially or metaphorically from a higher to a lower level or position.

Useful Words

Up : اوپر کی طرف , Descending : نیچے کی طرف , Dip : ڈوبا , Descent : اترائی , Decrease : گھٹنا , Downcast : جھکی , Decurved : نیچے جھکا ہوا , Declension : جھکنا , Deepness : گہرائی , Prone : منہ جھکا کے لیٹنا , Downhill : ڈھلوان , Retrorse : پیچھے کو مڑا ہوا , Come Down : کم ہونا , Stoop : جھکنا , Staircase : زینہ , Cernuous : سرنگوں , Hawk Nose : چونچ جیسی ناک , Catarrhine : بندر کی طرح , Pronation : بازو کی وہ حرکت جس سے ہتھیلی کا رخ نیچے کی طرف ہو جاتا ہے , Dome : گنبد , Hoopoe : ہدہد پرندہ , Stall : انجن کا نہ چلنا , Common Fault : خطائے کشش ثقل , Mobile : گشتی , Flinthead : امریکی سارس , Migrant : مہاجر , Musculus Scalenus : گردن کا پٹھا , Above : بلند , Upper : بالا تر , Back And Forth : ادھر ادھر , Up : بلند

Useful Words Definitions

Up: extending or moving toward a higher place.

Descending: coming down or downward.

Dip: appear to move downward.

Descent: a movement downward.

Decrease: a change downward.

Downcast: directed downward.

Decurved: bent down or curved downward.

Declension: a downward slope or bend.

Deepness: the extent downward or backward or inward.

Prone: lying face downward.

Downhill: the downward slope of a hill.

Retrorse: bent or curved backward or downward.

Come Down: move downward and lower, but not necessarily all the way.

Stoop: an inclination of the top half of the body forward and downward.

Staircase: a way of access (upward and downward) consisting of a set of steps.

Cernuous: having branches or flower heads that bend downward.

Hawk Nose: a nose curved downward like the beak of a hawk.

Catarrhine: of or related to Old World monkeys that have nostrils together and opening downward.

Pronation: rotation of the hands and forearms so that the palms face downward.

Dome: a concave shape whose distinguishing characteristic is that the concavity faces downward.

Hoopoe: any of several crested Old World birds with a slender downward-curved bill.

Stall: a malfunction in the flight of an aircraft in which there is a sudden loss of lift that results in a downward plunge.

Common Fault: an inclined fault in which the hanging wall appears to have slipped downward relative to the footwall.

Mobile: moving or capable of moving readily (especially from place to place).

Flinthead: an American stork that resembles the true ibises in having a downward-curved bill; inhabits wooded swamps of New World tropics.

Migrant: habitually moving from place to place especially in search of seasonal work.

Musculus Scalenus: any of four pairs of muscles extending from the cervical vertebrae to the second rib; involved in moving the neck and in breathing.

Above: in or to a place that is higher.

Upper: higher in place or position.

Back And Forth: moving from one place to another and back again.

Up: being or moving higher in position or greater in some value; being above a former position or level.

Downward in Book Titles

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