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Draw Close meaning in Urdu

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1 of 2) Draw Close, Cuddle, Nest, Nestle, Nuzzle, Snuggle : باہوں میں لینا, جڑ کر بیٹھنا یا لیٹنا, چمٹانا : (verb) move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position.

Useful Words

Upstage : توجہ اپنی طرف کروانا , Converge : جمع ہونا , Homelike : گھر جیسا , Closely : قریب قریب , Line Backer : دفاعی کھلاڑی , Breathe In : سانس اندر لینا , Close : نزدیک آنا , Deflect : دھیان ہٹانا , Circumscribe : دائرہ بند کرنا , Capitalise : فائدہ اٹھانا , Bleed : خون بہانا , Cartoon : کارٹون بنانا , Contract : سکڑنا , Cart : کھینچنا , Breathe : سانس لینا , Gather : شکن , Exploit : بروئے کار لانا , Delimit : حدود متعین کرنا , Reticent : خلوت پسند , Draft : خاکہ بنانا , Lace : سوراخ کے ذریعے ڈالنا , Adduct : کھینچنا , Gather : قریب لانا , Unsheathe : غلاف سے باہر نکالنا , Uncork : بوتل کا کارک کہولنا , Cringe : ڈر سے دبک جانا , Brail : چھوٹا جال , Construct : بنانا , Conclude : نتیجہ اخذ کرنا , Tap : چھیدنا , Inhale : سانس اندر کھینچنا

Useful Words Definitions

Upstage: steal the show, draw attention to oneself away from someone else.

Converge: move or draw together at a certain location.

Homelike: having a feeling of home; cozy and comfortable.

Closely: in a close relation or position in time or space.

Line Backer: a defensive football player who takes a position close behind the linemen.

Breathe In: draw in (air).

Close: draw near.

Deflect: draw someone`s attention away from something.

Circumscribe: draw a line around.

Capitalise: draw advantages from.

Bleed: draw blood.

Cartoon: draw cartoons of.

Contract: become smaller or draw together.

Cart: draw slowly or heavily.

Breathe: draw air into, and expel out of, the lungs.

Gather: draw together into folds or puckers.

Exploit: draw from; make good use of.

Delimit: set, mark, or draw the boundaries of something.

Reticent: reluctant to draw attention to yourself.

Draft: draw up an outline or sketch for something.

Lace: draw through eyes or holes.

Adduct: draw a limb towards the body.

Gather: draw and bring closer.

Unsheathe: draw from a sheath or scabbard.

Uncork: draw the cork from (bottles).

Cringe: draw back, as with fear or pain.

Brail: a small net used to draw fish into a boat.

Construct: draw with suitable instruments and under specified conditions.

Conclude: decide by reasoning; draw or come to a conclusion.

Tap: pierce in order to draw a liquid from.

Inhale: draw deep into the lungs in by breathing.

Related Words

Cling To : تھامنا , Come : آنا , Approach : قریب ہونا , Advance : آگے بڑھنا , Crowd : خاص عمر تک پہنچ جانا

Draw Close in Book Titles

Draw Close: A Devotional for Couples.
Draw Closer: Volume One.

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