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1) Drinking Chocolate, Chocolate, Cocoa, Hot Chocolate : گرم چاکلیٹ شیک : (noun) a beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar; usually drunk hot.

Related : Cocoa : powder of ground roasted cacao beans with most of the fat removed. Potable : any liquid suitable for drinking.

Useful Words

Bittersweet Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Semi-Sweet Chocolate : کالی چاکلیٹ : chocolate liquor with cocoa butter and small amounts of sugar and vanilla; lecithin is usually added. "He used to buy dark chocolate".

Cacao, Cacao Tree, Chocolate Tree, Theobroma Cacao : کوکو کا پودا : tropical American tree producing cacao beans.

Brown, Brownish, Chocolate-Brown, Dark-Brown : بہورا سا : of a color similar to that of wood or earth.

Drinking Bout : شراب پینے کا لمبا دور : a long period of drinking.

Bubbler, Drinking Fountain, Water Fountain : فوارہ : a public fountain to provide a jet of drinking water.

Drinking Glass, Glass : گلاس : a container for holding liquids while drinking. "Buy two drinking glass".

Drinking Water : مناسب پینے کا پانی : water suitable for drinking. "I want drinking water".

Hershey Bar : چاکلیٹ : a bar of milk chocolate made by the Hershey company.

Fudge Sauce, Hot-Fudge Sauce : چاکلیٹ کی چٹنی : thick chocolate sauce served hot. "A rich thick and delicious hot fudge sauce".

Brownie : چاکلیٹ کیک کا حصہ : square or bar of very rich chocolate cake usually with nuts.

Bonbon : ایک قسم کی ٹوفی : a candy that usually has a center of fondant or fruit or nuts coated in chocolate.

Cacao Bean, Cocoa Bean : کوکو کا بیج : seed of the cacao tree; ground roasted beans are source of chocolate. "Cocoa bean helps reduce inflammation".

Algarroba, Algarroba Bean, Carob, Carob Bean, Locust Bean, Locust Pod : خرنوب : long pod containing small beans and sweetish edible pulp; used as animal feed and source of a chocolate substitute.

Tea : چائے : a beverage made by steeping tea leaves in water. "Make me tea".

Cider, Cyder : سیب کا شربت : a beverage made from juice pressed from apples.

Perry : ناشپاتی کی شراب : a fermented and often effervescent beverage made from juice of pears; similar in taste to hard cider.

Tamarind, Tamarind Tree, Tamarindo, Tamarindus Indica : املی : long-lived tropical evergreen tree with a spreading crown and feathery evergreen foliage and fragrant flowers yielding hard yellowish wood and long pods with edible chocolate-colored acidic pulp.

Milk Punch : شراب دودھ : a punch made of spirits and milk and sugar and spices.

Potion : رقیق دوا : a medicinal or magical or poisonous beverage.

Caramel : کیرامل : firm chewy candy made from caramelized sugar and butter and milk.

Limeade : لیموں کا شربت : sweetened beverage of lime juice and water.

Ade, Fruit Drink : پھل کے رس سے بنا مشروب : a sweetened beverage of diluted fruit juice.

Lemonade : لیموں کا شربت : sweetened beverage of diluted lemon juice. "The lemonade made me sleepy".

Carbonated Water, Club Soda, Seltzer, Soda Water, Sparkling Water : پانی اور کاربن ڈائی آکسائیڈ پر مشتمل سوڈا واٹر : effervescent beverage artificially charged with carbon dioxide. "Club soda is also used to clean up pet urine".

Coffee, Java : مشروب : a beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee beans. "Having a cup of coffee keeps you warm in cold weather".

Sherbert, Sherbet : مشروب : a frozen dessert made primarily of fruit juice and sugar, but also containing milk or egg-white or gelatin. "Make sherbert".

Curry Sauce : سالن کی چٹنی : allemande sauce with curry powder and coconut milk instead of stock. "Pass me curry sauce".

Marshmallow : ایک قسم کی مٹھائی : spongy confection made of gelatin and sugar and corn syrup and dusted with powdered sugar.

Malt, Malted, Malted Milk : شعیرہ اور خشک دودھ سے بنا ہوا سفوف : a milkshake made with malt powder.

Rummer : بڑا گلاس : a large drinking glass (ovoid bowl on a stem) for drinking toasts.

Lactose, Milk Sugar : دودھ میں پائی جانے والی شوگر : a sugar comprising one glucose molecule linked to a galactose molecule; occurs only in milk. "Cow's milk contains about 47% lactose".

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