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Mashroob : مشروب

1. Sherbert, Sherbet : مشروب - شربت : (noun) a frozen dessert made primarily of fruit juice and sugar, but also containing milk or egg-white or gelatin.

2. Beverage, Drink, Drinkable, Potable : مشروب - پینے کے قابل : (noun) any liquid suitable for drinking.

3. Wish-Wash : مشروب : (noun) any thin watery drink.

4. Soft Drink : مشروب : (noun) nonalcoholic beverage (usually carbonated).

5. Coffee, Java : کافی - مشروب - کافی کے دانے : (noun) a beverage consisting of an infusion of ground coffee beans.

Anda : Egg : animal reproductive body consisting of an ovum or embryo together with nutritive and protective envelopes; especially the thin-shelled reproductive body laid by e.g. female birds. "Peel off the eggs shell"

Safed, Safedi : White : the quality or state of the achromatic color of greatest lightness (bearing the least resemblance to black).

Ras : Juice : any of several liquids of the body. "Digestive juices"

Fota, Khusia, Kapora : Egg : one of the two male reproductive glands that produce spermatozoa and secrete androgens. "She kicked him in the balls and got away"

Miteehi Dish : Dessert : a dish served as the last course of a meal. "Please have sweet"

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