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Drop Off meaning in Urdu

Drop Off Sentence

Drop off the passengers at the railway station.

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Drop Off Definitions

1 of 4) Drop Off, Dope Off, Doze Off, Drift Off, Drowse Off, Fall Asleep, Flake Out, Nod Off : بیٹھے بیٹھے سوجانا : (verb) change from a waking to a sleeping state.

4 of 4) Drop Off, Drop Away, Fall Away, Slip : زوال پذیر ہونا, تباہ کرنا, گرنا : (verb) get worse.

Useful Words

Drip : ٹپکنے کی آواز , Instil : قطرہ قطرہ ڈالنا , Dewdrop : شبنم کا اوس کا قطرہ , Droplet : چھوٹا سا قطرہ , Dive : گرنا , Raindrop : بارش کا قطرہ , Maildrop : وہ جگہ جہاں ڈاک یا خط جمع ہوتے ہیں , Fall : گرنا , Air-Drop : ہوا سے گرنا , Hit The Deck : چھلانگ لگا دینا , Backslide : گر جانا , Jaeger : سمندری پرندہ , Tear : آنسو , Dropper : آنکھ میں دوائی ڈالنے والا آلہ , Hint : اشارہ دینا , Strapado : قدیم دور کی ایک سزا , Asleep : سویا ہوا , Lassitude : غنودگی , Reversal : مخالف , Awakening : بیداری , Pandiculation : جمائی و انگڑائی , Holding Pattern : جمود , Agitation : خلفشار , Clot : جمانا , Alternation : ادلنے بدلنے کا عمل , Clot : جمنا , Arsine : آتش گیر زہریلی گیس , Cola : گیس والا مشروب , Boil : کھولنا , Condense : کثیف کرنا , Drumlin : ٹیلہ

Useful Words Definitions

Drip: the sound of a liquid falling drop by drop.

Instil: enter drop by drop.

Dewdrop: a drop of dew.

Droplet: a tiny drop.

Dive: drop steeply.

Raindrop: a drop of rain.

Maildrop: a drop where mail can be deposited.

Fall: a sudden drop from an upright position.

Air-Drop: drop (an object) from the air; unload from a plane or helicopter.

Hit The Deck: fall or drop suddenly, usually to evade some danger.

Backslide: drop to a lower level, as in one`s morals or standards.

Jaeger: rapacious seabird that pursues weaker birds to make them drop their prey.

Tear: a drop of the clear salty saline solution secreted by the lacrimal glands.

Dropper: pipet consisting of a small tube with a vacuum bulb at one end for drawing liquid in and releasing it a drop at a time.

Hint: drop a hint; intimate by a hint.

Strapado: a form of torture in which the hands are tied behind a person's back and they are lifted off the ground by a rope tied to their wrists, then allowed to drop until their fall is checked with a jerk by the rope.

Asleep: into a sleeping state.

Lassitude: a state of comatose torpor (as found in sleeping sickness).

Reversal: a change from one state to the opposite state.

Awakening: the act of waking.

Pandiculation: yawning and stretching (as when first waking up).

Holding Pattern: a state of inaction with no progress and no change.

Agitation: a state of agitation or turbulent change or development.

Clot: cause to change from a liquid to a solid or thickened state.

Alternation: successive change from one thing or state to another and back again.

Clot: change from a liquid to a thickened or solid state.

Arsine: a poisonous colorless flammable gas used in organic synthesis and to dope transistors and as a poison gas in warfare.

Cola: carbonated drink flavored with extract from kola nuts (`dope' is a southernism in the United States).

Boil: come to the boiling point and change from a liquid to vapor, be in an agitated emotional state..

Condense: undergo condensation; change from a gaseous to a liquid state and fall in drops.

Drumlin: a mound of glacial drift.

Related Words

Zonk Out : فوری طور پر سوجانا , Decline : بد تر ہونا , Regress : واپس لوٹنا , Deliver : بھیجنا

Close Words

Drop : قطرہ , Drop Back : ہچکچانا , Drop By : آتے جاتے رہنا , Drop By The Wayside : دست بردار ہونا , Drop Dead : وفات پانا , Drop Earring : بندا , Drop Keel : جہاز رائی , Drop Line : سرخی , Drop The Ball : حماقت کرنا , Drop Zone : وہ علاقہ جہاں فوج اور فوجی سازوسامان اتارا جاتا ہے , Drop-Off : گراوٹ

Close Words Definitions

Drop: a shape that is spherical and small.

Drop Back: to lag or linger behind.

Drop By: visit informally and spontaneously.

Drop By The Wayside: give up in the face of defeat of lacking hope; admit defeat.

Drop Dead: pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life.

Drop Earring: an earring with a pendant ornament.

Drop Keel: a retractable fin keel used on sailboats to prevent drifting to leeward.

Drop Line: a headline with the top line flush left and succeeding lines indented to the right.

Drop The Ball: commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake.

Drop Zone: an agreed area where military supplies are dropped to ground troops.

Drop-Off: a noticeable deterioration in performance or quality.

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