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1 of 5) Dry, Prohibitionist : امتناع پسند, امتناعیت کا حامی : (noun) a reformer who opposes the use of intoxicating beverages.

2 of 5) Dry, Dry Out : سوکھا ہوا, خشک : (verb) remove the moisture from and make dry.

Dry clothes.
Dry hair.

3 of 5) Dry, Dry Out : خشک کرنا : (verb) become dry or drier.

The laundry dries in the sun.

4 of 5) Dry, Ironic, Ironical, Wry : مذاق : (satellite adjective) humorously sarcastic or mocking.

Dry humor.

5 of 5) Dry : وہ گائے جو دودھ نا دیتی ہو : (adjective) not producing milk.

A dry cow.

Dry in Idioms

Be Bone Dry : Very dry.

Useful Words

Abstainer : نشوں سے پرہیز کرنے والا , Black : تلخ , Understatement : گھٹا کر بیان کرنا , Intoxicate : نشہ پیدا کرنا , Activist : جنگجو , Aerodynamic Lift : ہوا کی مدد سے بلند ہونے والا , Abolitionist : حریت پرست , Avoid : پرہیز کرنا , Anthony Comstock : این تھونی کوم اسٹاک , Punch Bowl : بڑا پیالہ , Common Barley : عام جو , Coca Cola : کوکا کولا ایک نامور مشروب , Beverage : مشروب , Make : بنانا , Moisture : نمی , Oppose : مخالفت کرنا , Crusader : اصلاح پسند , Remove : نکالنا , Employment : استعمال کرنے کا عمل

Useful Words Definitions

Abstainer: a person who refrains from drinking intoxicating beverages.

Black: harshly ironic or sinister.

Understatement: a statement that is restrained in ironic contrast to what might have been said.

Intoxicate: have an intoxicating effect on, of a drug.

Activist: a militant reformer.

Aerodynamic Lift: the component of the aerodynamic forces acting on an airfoil that opposes gravity.

Abolitionist: a reformer who favors abolishing slavery.

Avoid: refrain from certain foods or beverages.

Anthony Comstock: United States reformer who led moral crusades against art and literature that he considered obscene (1844-1915).

Punch Bowl: a large bowl for serving beverages; usually with a ladle.

Common Barley: grass yielding grain used for breakfast food and animal feed and in malt beverages.

Coca Cola: Coca-Cola is a popular carbonated soft drink that was created in the late 19th century by John Pemberton, a pharmacist from the United States. It is one of the most recognizable and widely consumed beverages in the world. The Coca-Cola Company, established in 1892, manufactures and distributes Coca-Cola and its various products globally..

Beverage: any liquid suitable for drinking.

Make: act in a certain way so as to acquire.

Moisture: wetness caused by water.

Oppose: be against; express opposition to.

Crusader: a disputant who advocates reform.

Remove: remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract.

Employment: the act of using.

Related Words

Change : بدل جانا , Alter : بدلنا , Dehydrate : پانی خشک ہونا , Dehumidify : نمی دور کرنا , Parch : خشک کرنا , Rough-Dry : بغیر استری کیے سکھانا , Scorch : جلانا , Humorous : مزاحیہ

Close Words

Dry Cereal : خشک اناج , Dry Clean : کیمیائی مادہ سے صاف کرنا , Dry Kiln : خشک بھٹی , Dry Land : زمین , Dry Measure : وہ پیمانہ جو غلہ وغیرہ کی پیمائش کے لیے استعمال ہوتا ہے , Dry Milk : خشک دودھ , Dry Mop : فرش صاف کرنے والا , Dry Mouth : خشک منہ , Dry Run : آزمائشی مشق کرنا , Dry Up : نمی کی کمی سے خشک ہونا یا سکڑنا , Dry Wall : دیواری گتہ

Close Words Definitions

Dry Cereal: a cereal that is not heated before serving.

Dry Clean: clean with chemical agents.

Dry Kiln: a kiln for drying and seasoning lumber.

Dry Land: the solid part of the earth's surface.

Dry Measure: a unit of capacity for dry commodities (as fruit or grain).

Dry Milk: dehydrated milk.

Dry Mop: a dry swab for dusting floors.

Dry Mouth: abnormal dryness of the mouth resulting from decreased secretion of saliva.

Dry Run: a practice session in preparation for a public performance (as of a play or speech or concert).

Dry Up: dry up and shrivel due to complete loss of moisture.

Dry Wall: a wide flat board used to cover walls or partitions; made from plaster or wood pulp or other materials and used primarily to form the interior walls of houses.

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