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1) Mashriqi Simt مشرقی سمت : E East Eastward Due East : (noun) the cardinal compass point that is at 90 degrees.

Useful Words

90 Ninety Xc : Naway نوے : the cardinal number that is the product of ten and nine.

Cardinal Central Fundamental Key Primal : Eham اہم : serving as an essential component. "A cardinal rule"

Compass : Samtoun Ka Taeyeon Karnay Wala Aala سمتوں کا تعین کرنے والا آلہ : navigational instrument for finding directions.

Degree Grade Level : Satha سطح : a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality. "A moderate grade of intelligence"

Point : Nuqta نقطہ : a geometric element that has position but no extension. "A point is defined by its coordinates"

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