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Dutiable meaning in Urdu

Dutiable Sentence

Dutiable imports.

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Dutiable in Detail

1) Dutiable : قابل محصول : (satellite adjective) subject to import tax.

Related : Taxable : (of goods or funds) subject to taxation.

Useful Words

Burning : اہمیت کے حامل : of immediate import. "Burning issues of the day".

Smuggle : غیر قانونی طور پر اشیا کی درآمد برآمد کرنا : import or export without paying customs duties. "She smuggled cigarettes across the border".

Grave, Grievous, Heavy, Weighty : انتہائی اہم : of great gravity or crucial import; requiring serious thought. "Grave responsibilities".

Mysterious, Mystic, Mystical, Occult, Orphic, Secret : پراسرار : having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding. "The man who was standing behind Benazir bhutto during the speech has also been killed in a mysterious circumstances".

Protective Tariff : گھریلو صنعتوں کے تحفظ کے لیے درآمدات پر محصول : a tariff imposed to protect domestic firms from import competition.

Count, Matter, Weigh : حیثیت رکھنا : have weight; have import, carry weight. "It does not matter much".

Changeable, Uncertain, Unsettled : غیر یقینی : subject to change. "A changeable climate".

Melancholiac, Melancholic : مالیخولیا میں مبتلا شخص : someone subject to melancholia.

Conditionally : مشروط طور پر : subject to a condition. "He accepted the offer conditionally".

Propagandise, Propagandize : پراپیگنڈے کے زیر اثر لانا : subject to propaganda.

Repayable : قابل واپسی : subject to repayment. "Business loans are usually repayable in regular installments".

Appointed, Appointive : تقرراتی : subject to appointment.

Mortal : فانی : subject to death. "Mortal beings".

Involuntary, Nonvoluntary, Unvoluntary : غیر ارادی : not subject to the control of the will. "Involuntary unemployment".

Unrestrained : بے قابو : not subject to restraint. "Unrestrained laughter".

Refract : منعطف ہونا : subject to refraction. "Refract a light beam".

Unconditionally : شرائط کے بغیر : not subject to a condition. "He accepted the offer unconditionally".

Unappealable : ناقابل مرافعہ : not subject to appeal. "The judge's ruling was handed down in a preliminary hearing rather than a trial and was therefore unappealable".

Arbitrable : ثالثی کے قابل : appropriate for or subject to settlement by arbitration. "An arbitrable wage and health benefits policy".

Blackguard, Guy, Jest At, Laugh At, Make Fun, Poke Fun, Rib, Ridicule, Roast : مذاق اڑانا : subject to laughter or ridicule. "The satirists ridiculed the plans for a new opera house".

Chew Over, Contemplate, Excogitate, Meditate, Mull, Mull Over, Muse, Ponder, Reflect, Ruminate, Speculate, Think Over : غور کرنا : reflect deeply on a subject. "I mulled over the party of the afternoon".

Blister, Scald, Whip : برس پڑنا : subject to harsh criticism. "He blistered the media".

Confirmed : پکا : of persons; not subject to change. "A confirmed bachelor".

Fluid, Unstable : دگرگوں : subject to change; variable. "A fluid situation fraught with uncertainty".

Unsteady : ڈگمگاتا ہوا : subject to change or variation. "Her unsteady walk".

Shock : بجلی کا کرنٹ لگنا : subject to electrical shocks. "He received a fatal shock when he touched a worn electric cable".

Come To Grips, Get To Grips : نبرد آزما ہونا : deal with (a problem or a subject). "I still have not come to grips with the death of my parents".

Conquerable : قابل تسخیر : subject to being conquered or overcome. "Knew her fears were ultimately conquerable".

Heavily Traveled : بہت زیادہ مصروف : subject to much traffic or travel. "The region`s most heavily traveled highways".

Variable : متغیر : something that is likely to vary; something that is subject to variation. "The weather is one variable to be considered".

Collectable, Collectible, Payable : قابل حصول : subject to or requiring payment especially as specified. "A collectible bill".

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