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Easily meaning in Urdu

Easily Sentences

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Easily Definitions

1 of 2) Easily, Easy : آسانی کے ساتھ : (adverb) with ease (`easy` is sometimes used informally for `easily`).

I get scared pretty easily.
She was easily excited.+ More


2 of 2) Easily : بغیر سوال کیے : (adverb) without question.

Easily the best book she's written.

Useful Words

Recognizable : جو پہچانا جا سکے , Ace : آسانی سے کامیاب ہونا , Clear : قابل مطالعہ , Chicken : بزدل , Infectious : چھوت والا , Insolvable : جو آسانی سے حل نہ ہوسکے , Equable : متحمل مزاج , Indecipherable : جو پڑھنے کے لیے نامناسب ہو , Approachable : قابل رسائی , Indestructible : جو آسانی سے ختم نہ ہوسکے , Familiar : مشہور , Odd : عجیب , Destructible : قابل تباہی , Accessible : قابل رسائی , Detectable : جسکا آسانی سے پتہ لگایا جا سکے , Walk Over : آسانی سے شکست دینا , Flammable : آسانی سے بھڑکنے والا , Quitter : چھٹکارا پانے والا , Forgettable : قابل فراموش , Ductile : جس کو آسانی سے موڑا یا تبدیل کیا جاسکے , Transparently : واضح طور پر , Excusable : قابل در گزر , Brittleness : نزاکت , Impressible : اثر پذیر , Crease-Resistant : بے سلوٹ , Compressible : پچکنے والا , Burdensome : بھاری , Oddity : تعجب , Testiness : جھلاہٹ , Placable : آسانی سے مان جانے والا , Weepy : رویا ہوا

Useful Words Definitions

Recognizable: easily perceived; easy to become aware of.

Ace: succeed at easily.

Clear: easily deciphered.

Chicken: easily frightened.

Infectious: easily spread.

Insolvable: not easily solved.

Equable: not easily irritated.

Indecipherable: not easily deciphered.

Approachable: easily approached.

Indestructible: not easily destroyed.

Familiar: well known or easily recognized.

Odd: not easily explained.

Destructible: easily destroyed.

Accessible: easily obtained.

Detectable: easily seen or detected.

Walk Over: beat easily.

Flammable: easily ignited.

Quitter: a person who gives up too easily.

Forgettable: easily forgotten.

Ductile: easily influenced.

Transparently: so as to be easily understood or seen through.

Excusable: easily excused or forgiven.

Brittleness: firm but easily broken.

Impressible: easily impressed or influenced.

Crease-Resistant: of fabric that does not wrinkle easily.

Compressible: capable of being easily compressed.

Burdensome: not easily borne; wearing.

Oddity: eccentricity that is not easily explained.

Testiness: feeling easily irritated.

Placable: easily calmed or pacified.

Weepy: liable to weep easily.

Related Words

Colloquialism : عام بول چال

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