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Eater meaning in Urdu

Eater Synonym

Eater Definitions

1) Eater, Feeder : کھانے والا, خوراک دینے والا : (noun) someone who consumes food for nourishment.


Useful Words

Vegetarian : سبزی خور , Alimentation : خوراک دینے کا عمل , Aliment : خوراک دینا , Alimental : خوراک سے متعلق , Nourish : کھلا پلا کر بڑا کرنا , Malnourished : ناکافی خوراک پانے والا , Holophytic : اپنی غذا خود بنانے والا , Food : کھانا , Heterotrophic : دوسری مخلوق کھانے والا , Holozoic : غذا ہضم کرنے والا , Soup : شوربہ , Cuisine : کھانا پکانے کا طریقہ , Comfort Food : اچھا کھانا , Microwave : ایک چولہا , Hunger : بھوک , Buffet : دسترخوان , Dieter : بہتر غذا کھانے والا , Parasite : طفیلی دوسرے کے دم پر پلنے والا پودا یا جانور , Forage : ادھر ادھر ڈھونڈنا , Feed : خوراک دینا , Comestible : کھانے کے قابل , Omophagia : کچی غذا کھانا جیسے گوشت وغیرہ , Famish : بھوکا ہونا , Comestible : قابل تناول , Eat : کھانا , Eating : کھانے کا عمل , Famish : کھانے کی کمی ہونا , Predigest : ہاضم بنانا , Stuffed : پیٹ بھرا ہونا , Inedible : جو کھانے کے قابل نہ ہو , Feed : کھانے پیش کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Vegetarian: eater of fruits and grains and nuts; someone who eats no meat or fish or (often) any animal products.

Alimentation: the act of supplying food and nourishment.

Aliment: give nourishment to.

Alimental: of or providing nourishment.

Nourish: provide with nourishment.

Malnourished: not being provided with adequate nourishment.

Holophytic: obtaining nourishment as green plants do.

Food: any solid substance (as opposed to liquid) that is used as a source of nourishment.

Heterotrophic: requiring organic compounds of carbon and nitrogen for nourishment.

Holozoic: obtaining nourishment as animals do by ingesting complex organic matter.

Soup: liquid food especially of meat or fish or vegetable stock often containing pieces of solid food.

Cuisine: the practice or manner of preparing food or the food so prepared.

Comfort Food: food that is simply prepared and gives a sense of wellbeing; typically food with a high sugar or carbohydrate content that is associated with childhood or with home cooking.

Microwave: kitchen appliance that cooks food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it; heat results from the absorption of energy by the water molecules in the food.

Hunger: a physiological need for food; the consequence of food deprivation.

Buffet: A buffet refers to a meal or spread of food in which a variety of dishes are presented on a table or serving area. Guests can serve themselves from the selection of food, often in a self-service style.

Dieter: a "dieter" is a person who actively adheres to a particular dietary regimen, frequently with the aim of weight loss, enhancing health, or fulfilling other nutritional goals. Dieters usually make deliberate food choices and might track calorie consumption or limit specific food categories as part of their diet strategy.

Parasite: an animal or plant that lives in or on a host (another animal or plant); it obtains nourishment from the host without benefiting or killing the host.

Forage: collect or look around for (food).

Feed: give food to.

Comestible: suitable for use as food.

Omophagia: the eating of raw food.

Famish: be hungry; go without food.

Comestible: any substance that can be used as food.

Eat: take in solid food.

Eating: the act of consuming food.

Famish: deprive of food.

Predigest: digest (food) beforehand.

Stuffed: crammed with food.

Inedible: not suitable for food.

Feed: provide as food.

Related Words

Consumer : صارف , Devourer : ہڑپ کرنے والا , Diner : طعام کھانے والا ہوٹل وغیرہ میں , Glutton : پیٹو , Nosher : وہ شخص جو ہلکی پھلکی غذا کھاتا ہو