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1 of 2) Eddy, Purl, Swirl, Whirl, Whirlpool : گردش کرنا : (verb) flow in a circular current, of liquids.

2 of 2) Eddy, Twist : بھنور : (noun) a miniature whirlpool or whirlwind resulting when the current of a fluid doubles back on itself.

Related : Stream : a steady flow of a fluid (usually from natural causes).

Useful Words

Back, Backward, Backwards, Rearward, Rearwards : پیچھے : at or to or toward the back or rear. "Get back".

Circular, Round : دائرہ نما : having a circular shape.

Current : موجودہ : occurring in or belonging to the present time. "Current events".

Double, Dual, Three-Fold, Threefold, Treble, Two-Fold, Twofold : ایک سے زیادہ : having more than one decidedly dissimilar aspects or qualities. "A double (or dual) role for an actor".

Flow, Flux : ابل پڑنا : move or progress freely as if in a stream. "The crowd flowed out of the stadium".

Fluid, Unstable : دگرگوں : subject to change; variable. "A fluid situation fraught with uncertainty".

Liquid : رقیق مائع : a substance that is liquid at room temperature and pressure.

Miniature : چھوٹا : being on a very small scale. "A miniature camera".

Maelstrom, Vortex, Whirlpool : بھنور : a powerful circular current of water (usually the result of conflicting tides).

Whirlwind : گرد کا بھنور : a more or less vertical column of air whirling around itself as it moves over the surface of the Earth.

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