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اہم خبر : Eham Khabar Meaning in English

Eham Khabar Synonyms


Eham Khabar in Detail

1 of 2) مختصر خبر اہم خبر : Flash News Bulletin Newsbreak Newsflash : (noun) a short news announcement concerning some on-going news story.

2 of 2) اہم خبر : Lead Lead Story : (noun) a news story of major importance.

Useful Words

اعلان : Announcement : a formal public statement. "The proclamation of kingdom".

روانگی کا عمل : Departure : the act of departing. "Leaving so soon?".

اہمیت : Importance : the quality of being important and worthy of note. "The importance of a well-balanced diet".

اہم : Major : of greater importance or stature or rank. "Major sin".

نئی : New : not of long duration; having just (or relatively recently) come into being or been made or acquired or discovered. "Are you new here?".

اچانک : Abruptly : quickly and without warning. "He stopped suddenly".

تھوڑا : Some : relatively much but unspecified in amount or extent. "May I have some words with you?".

افسانہ : Narration : a message that tells the particulars of an act or occurrence or course of events; presented in writing or drama or cinema or as a radio or television program. "Recite the story".

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