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ایک قسم کا کیک : Ek Qisim Ka Cake Meaning in English

Ek Qisim Ka Cake in Detail

1 of 3) ایک قسم کا کیک : Twinkie : (noun) a small sponge cake with a synthetic cream filling.


2 of 3) ایک قسم کا کیک : Friedcake : (noun) small cake in the form of a ring or twist or ball or strip fried in deep fat.

3 of 3) ایک قسم کا کیک : Ladyfinger : (noun) small finger-shaped sponge cake.

Useful Words

ہلکے میٹھے کا ایک کیک : Sponge Cake , پراٹھہ : Battercake , سموسہ : Cake , بازی لے جانا : Take The Cake , کیک : Cake , مرمریں کیک : Marble Cake , پیدائش کی خوشی کا کیک : Birthday Cake , خمیری کیک : Yeast Cake , کھوپرے کا کیک : Coconut Cake , جانی کیک : Johnny Cake , شہد والا کیک : Honey Cake , بہت آسان کام : Breeze , جلیبی : Funnel Cake , توے یا اوون میں پکا ہوا کیک : Corn Cake , بنی ہوئی شے : Filling , فلنگ اسٹیشن جہاں گیس بھروائی جاتی ہو : Filling Station , مصنوعی : Man-Made , مفت خوری کرنا : Bum , گچھی مشروم : Common Morel , دست بردار ہونا : Chuck Up The Sponge , ‫توری‬ : Dishcloth Gourd , بری طرح ہرانا : Bat , آئس کریم : Ice Cream , کریم لگانا : Cream , ملائی دان : Cream Pitcher , خاص قسم کی آئس کریم : Ice-Cream Sundae , دانت کا میل صاف کرنے والا نمک : Cream Of Tartar , بالائی : Heavy Cream , فالودہ : Float , ملائی دار پنیر : Cream Cheese , کم تر : Humble

Useful Words Definitions

Sponge Cake: a light porous cake made with eggs and flour and sugar without shortening.

Battercake: a flat cake of thin batter fried on both sides on a griddle.

Cake: small flat mass of chopped food.

Take The Cake: rank first; used often in a negative context.

Cake: baked goods made from or based on a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, and fat.

Marble Cake: made of light and dark batter very lightly blended.

Birthday Cake: decorated cake served at a birthday party.

Yeast Cake: small cake of compressed moist yeast.

Coconut Cake: cake containing shredded coconut in batter and frosting.

Johnny Cake: cornbread usually cooked pancake-style on a griddle (chiefly New England).

Honey Cake: a spicy cake partially sweetened with honey.

Breeze: any undertaking that is easy to do.

Funnel Cake: fried batter doused in sugar syrup.

Corn Cake: baked in a pan or on a griddle (southern and midland).

Filling: the yarn woven across the warp yarn in weaving.

Filling Station: a service station that sells gasoline.

Man-Made: not of natural origin; prepared or made artificially.

Bum: ask for and get free; be a parasite.

Common Morel: an edible and choice morel with a globular to elongate head with an irregular pattern of pits and ridges.

Chuck Up The Sponge: give up in the face of defeat of lacking hope; admit defeat.

Dishcloth Gourd: any of several tropical annual climbers having large yellow flowers and edible young fruits; grown commercially for the mature fruit`s dried fibrous interior that is used as a sponge.

Bat: beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight.

Ice Cream: frozen dessert containing cream and sugar and flavoring.

Cream: put on cream, as on one`s face or body.

Cream Pitcher: a small pitcher for serving cream.

Ice-Cream Sundae: ice cream served with a topping.

Cream Of Tartar: a salt used especially in baking powder.

Heavy Cream: contains more than 36% butterfat.

Float: a drink with ice cream floating in it.

Cream Cheese: soft unripened cheese made of sweet milk and cream.

Humble: low or inferior in station or quality.

Related Words

تجارتی نشان : Trademark , بسکٹ : Biscuit , چھوٹا میٹھا کیک : Donut , تلہ ہوا کیک : Cruller , پکوڑا : Fritter

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