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Engage meaning in Urdu

Engage Sentences

Don`t follow that girl as she is already engaged, you might get into trouble.
They engaged in a discussion.

Engage Synonyms


Engage Definitions

1 of 7) Engage, Affiance, Betroth, Plight : منگنی کرنا : (verb) give to in marriage.

They have got engaged.
I got engaged.

2 of 7) Engage, Prosecute, Pursue : جاری رکھنا, ملوث ہونا, لگےہونا : (verb) carry out or participate in an activity; be involved in.

3 of 7) Engage, Absorb, Engross, Occupy : مشغول ہونا : (verb) consume all of one's attention or time.

4 of 7) Engage, Employ, Hire : نوکر رکھنا, ملازمت دینا, نوکری دینا : (verb) engage or hire for work.

5 of 7) Engage, Wage : جاری رکھنا جنگ وغیرہ : (verb) carry on (wars, battles, or campaigns).

6 of 7) Engage, Enlist : ملازم پر رکھنا : (verb) hire for work or assistance.

Engage aid, help, services, or support.

7 of 7) Engage, Charter, Hire, Lease, Rent, Take : خدمات حاصل کرنا : (verb) engage for service under a term of contract.

Useful Words

Join Battle : لڑائی کے لیے آمنے سامنے ہونا , Practice : مشق کرنا , Merchandise : کسی چیز کی تجارت کرنا , Draw : تصویر کشی کرنا , Involve : شامل کرنا , Commit : کرنا , Contract : معاہدہ کرنا , Vege Out : آرام کرنا , Involve : توجہ حاصل کیے رکھنا , Politick : سیاسی سرگرمی میں شامل ہونا , Litigate : مقدمہ لڑنا , Spat : تلخ کلامی کرنا , Roughhouse : بے قاعدہ کھیل میں مشغول ہونا , Target Killer : ہدف بناکر قتل کرنے والا , Carouse : شراب پی کر مستیاں کرنا , Challenge : للکار , Sprocket : دندانہ دار پہیہ , Cabal : چالیں چلنا , Compete : مقابلے میں حصہ لینا , Spree : مسلسل کوئی کام کرنا , Wrestle : لڑنا , Cheat : دھوکہ دینا , Preoccupy : پہلے سے قبضہ کر لینا , Jollify : رنگ رلیاں منانا , Combative : متنازع , Spy : جاسوسی کرنا , High Finance : بڑی اور پیچیدہ لین دین , Agitate : تحریک چلانا , Recriminate : جوابی الزام لگانا , Feast Of Sacrifice : عيد الاضحی , Love Match : پسند کی شادی

Useful Words Definitions

Join Battle: engage in a conflict.

Practice: engage in a rehearsal (of).

Merchandise: engage in the trade of.

Draw: engage in drawing.

Involve: engage as a participant.

Commit: engage in or perform.

Contract: engage by written agreement.

Vege Out: engage in passive relaxation.

Involve: occupy or engage the interest of.

Politick: engage in political activities.

Litigate: engage in legal proceedings.

Spat: engage in a brief and petty quarrel.

Roughhouse: engage in rough or disorderly play.

Target Killer: a person who engage in target killing.

Carouse: engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking.

Challenge: a call to engage in a contest or fight.

Sprocket: thin wheel with teeth that engage with a chain.

Cabal: engage in plotting or enter into a conspiracy, swear together.

Compete: compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others.

Spree: engage without restraint in an activity and indulge, as when shopping.

Wrestle: engage in deep thought, consideration, or debate.

Cheat: engage in deceitful behavior; practice trickery or fraud.

Preoccupy: engage or engross the interest or attention of beforehand or occupy urgently or obsessively.

Jollify: celebrate noisily, often indulging in drinking; engage in uproarious festivities.

Combative: inclined or showing an inclination to dispute or disagree, even to engage in law suits.

Spy: secretly collect sensitive or classified information; engage in espionage.

High Finance: large and complex financial transactions (often used with the implication that those individuals or institutions who engage in them are unethical).

Agitate: exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person; be an advocate for.

Recriminate: return an accusation against someone or engage in mutual accusations; charge in return.

Feast Of Sacrifice: on the 10th day of Dhu`l-Hijja, known as Eid al-Adha, Muslims worldwide gather in mosques to attend a special prayer service. In addition, those who are not performing the Hajj pilgrimage engage in a meaningful ritual known as Qurbani or the sacrifice of an animal. Traditionally, a sheep is sacrificed, symbolizing the redemption of Abraham`s son through God`s mercy. It is customary for at least one-third of the meat from the sacrifice to be donated to charitable causes.

Love Match: a marriage for love`s sake; not an arranged marriage.

Related Words

Vow : عہد کرنا , Contend : لڑنا , Acquire : پانا , Procure : حاصل کرنا , Act : کام کرنا , Fill : ملازمت پر رکھنا

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