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Enter   Meaning in Urdu

1. Enter - Come In - Get In - Get Into - Go In - Go Into - Move Into : داخل ہونا : (verb) to come or go into.

The boat entered an area of shallow marshes.

Penetrate, Perforate - pass into or through, often by overcoming resistance.

2. Enter - Participate : شامل ہونا : (verb) become a participant; be involved in.

Enter a race.
Enter an agreement.+ More

Jump - enter eagerly into.

3. Enter - Enrol - Enroll - Inscribe - Recruit : فہرست میں اندراج کرنا - درج کرنا : (verb) register formally as a participant or member.

Unionise, Unionize - recruit for a union or organize into a union.

4. Enter - Accede : تخت وتاج کاوارث بننا : (verb) take on duties or office.

Ascend - become king or queen.

5. Enter - Infix - Insert - Introduce : نصب کرنا - لگانا : (verb) put or introduce into something.

Attach - cause to be attached.

6. Enter - Embark : نیا کام شروع کرنا : (verb) set out on (an enterprise or subject of study).

Begin, Commence, Get, Get Down, Set About, Set Out, Start, Start Out - take the first step or steps in carrying out an action.

Useful Words

Become - Turn : بن جانا : undergo a change or development. "What will you become when you grow up?"

Come - Come Up : آنا : move toward, travel toward something or somebody or approach something or somebody. "For what you have come here?"

Depart - Go - Go Away : جانا : move away from a place into another direction. "I had to go"

Byzantine - Convoluted - Involved - Knotty - Tangled - Tortuous : پیچیدہ : highly complex or intricate and occasionally devious. "The Byzantine tax structure"

Participant : حصہ دار : someone who takes part in an activity.

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