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Enzymologist Meaning in Urdu

1. Enzymologist : حیاتی کیمیا علم کا ماہر : (noun) a person who is trained in or engaged in enzymology.

Biochemist - someone with special training in biochemistry.

Related Words

Enzymology : حیاتی کیمیا کی شاخ : the branch of biochemistry dealing with the chemical nature and biological activity of enzymes.

As A Group - En Bloc - En Masse : ایک ساتھ : all together. "The students turned out en masse"

Useful Words

Booked - Engaged - Set-Aside : مختص : reserved in advance.

Individual - Mortal - Person - Somebody - Someone - Soul : شخص : a human being. "The person who I told you about"

Trained : تربیت یافتہ : shaped or conditioned or disciplined by training; often used as a combining form. "A trained mind"

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