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Escalate   Meaning in Urdu

Escalate in Sentence

The Allies escalated the bombing.

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1. Escalate - Intensify - Step Up : شدت بڑھانا : (verb) increase in extent or intensity.

The Allies escalated the bombing.

Increase - make bigger or more.

Related Words

Escalade : سیڑھی کے ذریعے چڑھنے کا عمل : an act of scaling by the use of ladders (especially the walls of a fortification).

Escalation : تیزی : an increase to counteract a perceived discrepancy. "Higher wages caused an escalation of prices"

Escalate in Book Titles

Escalate English, Grade 7.
California Escalate English: Grade 7.

Useful Words

Extent : حد : the point or degree to which something extends. "To this extent"

Addition - Gain - Increase : اضافہ کرنا : a quantity that is added. "There was an addition to property taxes this year"

Intensity - Intensiveness : شدت : high level or degree; the property of being intense.

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