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2 of 2) Estragon, Tarragon : مسالے میں استعمال ہونے والے ہرے پتے : (noun) fresh leaves (or leaves preserved in vinegar) used as seasoning.

Useful Words

Marjoram : یورپ اور ایشیا سے تعلق رکھنے والا سدا بہار پودا , Acorus Calamus : دلدلی پودا جس کے خنجر نما پتے اور خوشبو دار جڑ ہوتیں ہیں , Ginger : ادرک , Common Thyme : جنگلی پودینا , Golden Buttons : لونگ , Artemisia Vulgaris : برنجاسف جڑی بوٹی , Wormwood : افسنتین جڑی بوٹی , Agueweed : دوا بنانے والا پھول دار پودا , Common Basil : میٹھی تلسی کا پودا , Agastache Nepetoides : امریکی سدا بہار پودا , Catmint : بالوں والی بوٹی , Green Mayonnaise : ایک قسم کی سلاد , Anethum Graveolens : سویا , Capital Of The Russian Federation : روس کا دارالحکومت , Russian : روسی باشندہ , Rouble : روسی کرنسی , Ufa : روس کا شہر , Kalashnikov : کلاشنکوف , Omsk : روس کا شہر , Czar : روسی شہنشاہ , Committee For State Security : سابقہ سویت پولیس , Amur : ہیلونگ دریا , Finland : فنلینڈ , Droshky : روس اور پولینڈ میں استعمال ہونے والے گہوڑا گاڑی , Neva : فنلینڈ کا دریا , Siberia : سربیا , Balochi : بلوچی زبان , Hedeoma Oil : ہمونا پودے کا تیل , Ail : لہسن , Citrange : مٹھا , Cinnamon : دار چینی

Useful Words Definitions

Marjoram: Oregano is an aromatic European and Asian perennial herb.

Acorus Calamus: perennial marsh plant having swordlike leaves and aromatic roots.

Ginger: perennial plants having thick branching aromatic rhizomes and leafy reedlike stems.

Common Thyme: common aromatic garden perennial native to the western Mediterranean; used in seasonings and formerly as medicine.

Golden Buttons: common perennial aromatic herb native to Eurasia having buttonlike yellow flower heads and bitter-tasting pinnate leaves sometimes used medicinally.

Artemisia Vulgaris: European tufted aromatic perennial herb having hairy red or purple stems and dark green leaves downy white below and red-brown florets.

Wormwood: any of several low composite herbs of the genera Artemisia or Seriphidium.

Agueweed: perennial herb of southeastern United States having white-rayed flower heads; formerly used as in folk medicine.

Common Basil: annual or perennial of tropical Asia having spikes of small white flowers and aromatic leaves; one of the most important culinary herbs; used in salads, casseroles, sauces and some liqueurs.

Agastache Nepetoides: erect perennial with stout stems and yellow-green flowers; southern Canada and southeastern United States.

Catmint: hairy aromatic perennial herb having whorls of small white purple-spotted flowers in a terminal spike; used in the past as a domestic remedy; strongly attractive to cats.

Green Mayonnaise: mayonnaise with tarragon or dill and chopped watercress and spinach or cucumber.

Anethum Graveolens: aromatic Old World herb having aromatic threadlike foliage and seeds used as seasoning.

Capital Of The Russian Federation: a city of central European Russia; formerly capital of both the Soviet Union and Soviet Russia; since 1991 the capital of the Russian Federation.

Russian: a native or inhabitant of Russia.

Rouble: the basic unit of money in Russia.

Ufa: a city in the European part of Russia.

Kalashnikov: a type of submachine gun made in Russia.

Omsk: a city in the Asian part of Russia.

Czar: a male monarch or emperor (especially of Russia prior to 1917).

Committee For State Security: formerly the predominant security police organization of Soviet Russia.

Amur: an Asian river between China and Russia; flows into the Sea of Okhotsk.

Finland: republic in northern Europe; achieved independence from Russia in 1917.

Droshky: an open horse-drawn carriage with four wheels; formerly used in Poland and Russia.

Neva: a river in northwestern Russia flowing generally west into the Gulf of Finland.

Siberia: a vast Asian region of Russia; famous for long cold winters.

Balochi: an Iranian language spoken in Pakistan and Iran and Afghanistan and Russia and the Persian gulf.

Hedeoma Oil: aromatic oil from American pennyroyal.

Ail: aromatic bulb used as seasoning.

Citrange: more aromatic and acidic than oranges.

Cinnamon: aromatic bark used as a spice.

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Herb : خوشبودار بوٹی

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