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Exact   Meaning in Urdu

An exact mind.

1. Exact - Demand : واجبات کا مطالبہ کرنا : (verb) claim as due or just.

2. Exact : بالکل صحیح - بالکل ٹھیک : (adjective) marked by strict and particular and complete accordance with fact.

An exact mind.
An exact copy.+ More

Accurate - conforming exactly or almost exactly to fact or to a standard or performing with total accuracy.

3. Exact - Claim - Take : کچھ برا ہوجانا - برا اثر پڑنا : (verb) take as an undesirable consequence of some event or state of affairs.

Ask, Call For, Demand, Involve, Necessitate, Need, Postulate, Require, Take - require as useful, just, or proper.

4. Exact - Accurate - Precise : درست - نقص سے پاک : (of ideas, images, representations, expressions) characterized by perfect conformity to fact or truth ; strictly correct.

Correct, Right - free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth.

Related Words

Exaction : جبری تقاضہ : act of demanding or levying by force or authority. "Exaction of tribute"

Exactitude - Exactness : مطابقت : the quality of being exact. "He demanded exactness in all details"

Exact in Book Titles

All exact science is dominated by the idea of approximation..

Useful Words

Accord - Accordance - Conformity : موافقت : concurrence of opinion. "We are in accord with your proposal"

Claim : دعوی : an assertion that something is true or factual. "Despite the government’s claim"

Complete : کامل : having every necessary or normal part or component or step. "A complete meal"

Due : سیدھا : directly or exactly; straight. "Went due North"

Fact : اصل معلومعات : a piece of information about circumstances that exist or events that have occurred. "First you must collect all the facts of the case"

But - Just - Merely - Only - Simply : بس : and nothing more. "Just go outside"

Marked - Pronounced : نمایاں : strongly marked; easily noticeable. "Walked with a marked limp"

Particular - Specific : کوئی خاص خوبی : a fact about some part (as opposed to general). "He always reasons from the particular to the general"

Rigorous - Strict : سخت : rigidly accurate; allowing no deviation from a standard. "Her in laws are very strict"

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