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Exhaustive meaning in Urdu

Exhaustive Sentence

An exhaustive study.

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Exhaustive in Detail

1) Exhaustive, Thorough, Thoroughgoing : مکمل اور جامع : (satellite adjective) performed comprehensively and completely.

Related : Complete : having every necessary or normal part or component or step.

Useful Words

Downright : پوری طرح : thoroughgoing. "He is outright dishonest".

Exhaustively, Thoroughly : جامع طور پر : in an exhaustive manner. "We searched the files thoroughly".

Hermetic : ہوا بند : completely sealed; completely airtight. "Hermetic packaging is a type of packaging in which many of the products at your local supermarket are sealed".

All The Way, Clear : تمام : completely. "Read the book clear to the end".

Stark : پوری طرح : completely. "Stark mad".

Beat, Exhaust, Tucker, Tucker Out, Wash Up : کسی چیز سے تنگ ہوجانا : wear out completely. "This kind of work exhausts me".

Close In, Enclose, Inclose, Shut In : گھیرلینا : surround completely. "Darkness enclosed him".

Runaway : بے قابو : completely out of control. "Runaway inflation".

Au Naturel, Bare, Naked, Nude : پورا ننگا : completely unclothed. "He was naked".

Demolish, Pulverise, Pulverize : تباہ کرنا : destroy completely. "The wrecking ball demolished the building".

Stone-Cold : نہایت ٹھنڈا : completely cold. "By the time he got back to his coffee it was stone-cold".

Break, Bust : خراب کرنا : ruin completely. "Being a law enforcement personnel he can not only bust some serious moves of mafias but can also slay the criminals under the table".

Drenching, Soaking, Souse, Sousing : شرابور کر دینا : the act of making something completely wet. "He gave it a good drenching".

Annihilated, Exterminated, Wiped Out : مکمل تباہ شدہ : destroyed completely.

Spend : خرچ کردینا : spend completely. "I spend my pocket money in two days".

Smother, Surround : لپیٹنا : envelop completely. "Smother the meat in gravy".

Black Out, Blacken Out : گھپ اندھیرا کرنا : darken completely. "The dining room blackened out".

Copacetic, Copasetic, Copesetic, Copesettic : اطمینان بخش : completely satisfactory. "His smile said that everything was copacetic".

Evacuate : خالی کرنا : empty completely. "Evacuate the bottle".

Brim : بھر آنا : be completely full. "His eyes brimmed with tears".

Consume : تباہ کرنا : destroy completely. "The fire consumed the building".

All : تمام : completely given to or absorbed by. "Became all attention".

Soundly : پوری طرح : deeply or completely. "Slept soundly through the storm".

Clean Out, Clear Out : خالی کرنا : empty completely. "We cleaned out all the drawers".

Devour : تباہ ہونا : destroy completely. "Flood devoured our home".

Stone-Blind : بالکل اندھا : completely blind.

Giver : دینے والا : someone who devotes himself completely. "There are no greater givers than those who give themselves".

Pat : مناسب : completely or perfectly. "He has the lesson pat".

Ambient : محیط : completely enveloping. "The ambient air".

Kill : تھکا دینا : tire out completely. "The daily stress of her work is killing her".

Iterate : دوبارہ ادا کرنا : run or be performed again. "The function iterates".

Exhaustive in Book Titles

Inexhaustibility: a non-exhaustive treatment.
Exhaustive Notes on the Meghaduta.
Exhaustive Legal Search: Illustrated.

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