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1 of 7) Fake, Postiche, Sham : جعلی, نقلی : (noun) something that is a counterfeit; not what it seems to be.

It`s fake.


2 of 7) Fake, Counterfeit, Forge : گھڑنا : (verb) make a copy of with the intent to deceive.

He faked the signature.

3 of 7) Fake, Bastard, Bogus, Phoney, Phony : دہوکے باز, نقلی, جعلی : (satellite adjective) fraudulent; having a misleading appearance.

Related : Imitative : not genuine; imitating something superior.

4 of 7) Fake, Faker, Fraud, Imposter, Impostor, Pretender, Pseud, Pseudo, Role Player, Sham, Shammer : دغا باز, بہروپیہ : (noun) a person who makes deceitful pretenses.

Related : Trickster : someone who leads you to believe something that is not true.

5 of 7) Fake, Cook, Falsify, Fudge, Manipulate, Misrepresent, Wangle : گھڑنا : (verb) tamper, with the purpose of deception.

Related : Chisel : engage in deceitful behavior; practice trickery or fraud.

6 of 7) Fake, False, Faux, Imitation, Simulated : جعلی, مصنوعی, بناوٹی : (satellite adjective) not genuine or real; being an imitation of the genuine article.

It isn't fake anything; it's real synthetic fur.

Related : Unreal : contrived by art rather than nature.

7 of 7) Fake, Bull, Bullshit, Talk Through One's Hat : بے تکی باتیں کرنا, بکواس کرنا : (verb) speak illogically.

Related : Sham : make believe with the intent to deceive.

Useful Words

Echt, Genuine : اصلی : not fake or counterfeit. "A genuine Picasso".

Authentic, Bona Fide, Unquestionable, Veritable : مستند : not counterfeit or copied. "An authentic signature".

Slug : جعلی سکہ : a counterfeit coin.

Coiner : جعلی سکے بنانے والا : a maker of counterfeit coins. "Coiner machine".

Cozen : ٹھگ لینا : cheat or trick. "He cozened the money out of the old man".

Bilk : ٹھگنا : cheat somebody out of what is due, especially money.

Short, Short-Change : کسی کو رقم واپس نا کر کے دہوکہ دینا : cheat someone by not returning him enough money.

Honest, Honorable : ایماندار : not disposed to cheat or defraud; not deceptive or fraudulent. "I will show you to be honest".

Welch, Welsh : پیسہ وغیرہ کھا کر فراد کرنا : cheat by avoiding payment of a gambling debt.

Dishonest, Dishonorable : بدنیت : deceptive or fraudulent; disposed to cheat or defraud or deceive. "A dishonest officer".

Bunco, Bunco Game, Bunko, Bunko Game, Con, Con Game, Confidence Game, Confidence Trick, Flimflam, Gyp, Hustle, Sting : فریبی چال : a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property. "This is an open hustle".

Staginess, Theatricality : تھیٹر کی مانند حالت لیے ھو ئے : an artificial and mannered quality.

Cook Up, Fabricate, Invent, Make Up, Manufacture : جھوٹ گھڑنا : make up something artificial or untrue.

Homely : سادہ : without artificial refinement or elegance. "Plain homely furniture".

Bright : روشن : having lots of light either natural or artificial. "The room was bright and airy".

Affectedness : دکھاوا : the quality of being false or artificial (as to impress others).

Chamber : حجرہ : a natural or artificial enclosed space. "I lived in chamber".

Construct, Fabricate, Manufacture : مرتب کرنا : put together out of artificial or natural components or parts. "The company fabricates plastic chairs".

Naturally : قدرتی طور پر : according to nature; by natural means; without artificial help. "Naturally grown flowers".

Lamp : چراغ : an artificial source of visible illumination. "Put off the lamp".

Watercourse : چشمہ : natural or artificial channel through which water flows.

Affected, Unnatural : غیر طبعی : speaking or behaving in an artificial way to make an impression.

Pidgin : ایک مخلوط زبان : an artificial language used for trade between speakers of different languages.

Ido : ایک مصنوعی زبان : an artificial language that is a revision and simplification of Esperanto.

Contrivance : اختراع : an artificial or unnatural or obviously contrived arrangement of details or parts etc.. "The plot contained too many improbable contrivances to be believable".

Inhalator, Respirator : آلہ تنفس : a breathing device for administering long-term artificial respiration.

Hill, Mound : ٹیلا : structure consisting of an artificial heap or bank usually of earth or stones. "They built small mounds to hide behind".

Space Laboratory, Space Platform, Space Station : خلائی اڈہ : a manned artificial satellite in a fixed orbit designed for scientific research.

Communications Satellite : مواصلاتی سیارہ : an artificial satellite that relays signals back to earth; moves in a geostationary orbit.

Embankment : پشتہ : a long artificial mound of stone or earth; built to hold back water or to support a road or as protection. "Embankment of road".

Cistern : حوض : an artificial reservoir for storing liquids; especially an underground tank for storing rainwater.

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