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Falls meaning in Urdu

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Falls Definitions

1) Falls, Waterfall : جھرنا, آبشار : (noun) a steep descent of the water of a river.


Useful Words

Precipice : ڈھال , Straggler : آوارہ گرد , Canadian Falls : کینڈا کی آبشار , Stumbler : ٹہوکر کھانے والا , Scattering : بوندا باندی , Movable Feast : مذہبی چھٹی کا دن , Stop Order : کم دام پر اسٹاک کی خرید و فروخت , Acidemia : خون میں تیزابیت , Cataract : آبشار , Bluff : کھائی , Ravine : گھاٹی , Brook : ندی , Anaemia : خون کی کمی , Estuary : دریا کا وسیع حصہ جو سمندر کے قریب ہو نمکین پانی والا , Delta : دوشاخہ , Caspian : بحر گیلان , Channel : خلیج , Countercurrent : لہروں کا آپس میں ٹکراو , Abrupt : نشیب , Steeply : نشیبی , Steep : ڈھلوان , Plunge : غوطہ , Brink : کنارہ , Tocantins : برازیل کا دریا , Ouachita : ایک دریا , Ouse : برطانیہ کا ایک دریا , Bluff : کھڑی چٹان , Cliff : چٹان , Abruptness : نشیب , Crag : چٹان , Mississippi : امریکی دریا

Useful Words Definitions

Precipice: a steep, often vertical, and potentially perilous cliff or steep slope. It signifies a location where a fall or dangerous descent is imminent, often implying a significant risk.

Straggler: someone who strays or falls behind.

Canadian Falls: a part of Niagara Falls in Ontario.

Stumbler: a walker or runner who trips and almost falls.

Scattering: a light shower that falls in some locations and not others nearby.

Movable Feast: a religious holiday that falls on different dates in different years.

Stop Order: an order to a broker to sell (buy) when the price of a security falls (rises) to a designated level.

Acidemia: a blood disorder characterized by an increased concentration of hydrogen ions in the blood (which falls below 7 on the pH scale).

Cataract: a large waterfall; violent rush of water over a precipice.

Bluff: a high steep bank (usually formed by river erosion).

Ravine: a deep narrow steep-sided valley (especially one formed by running water).

Brook: a natural stream of water smaller than a river (and often a tributary of a river).

Anaemia: Anemia is a medical condition characterized by a decrease in the number of red blood cells or a low concentration of hemoglobin in the blood. Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells responsible for carrying oxygen from the lungs to the body`s tissues. When the level of hemoglobin or red blood cells falls below the normal range, it can lead to a reduced ability of the blood to carry oxygen effectively.

Estuary: the wide part of a river where it nears the sea; fresh and salt water mix.

Delta: a low triangular area of alluvial deposits where a river divides before entering a larger body of water.

Caspian: a large saltwater lake between Iran and Russia fed by the Volga River; the largest inland body of water in the world.

Channel: a deep and relatively narrow body of water (as in a river or a harbor or a strait linking two larger bodies) that allows the best passage for vessels.

Countercurrent: a stretch of turbulent water in a river or the sea caused by one current flowing into or across another current.

Abrupt: extremely steep.

Steeply: in a steep manner.

Steep: a steep place (as on a hill).

Plunge: a steep and rapid fall.

Brink: the edge of a steep place.

Tocantins: a river in eastern Brazil that flows generally north to the Para River.

Ouachita: a river that rises in western Arkansas and flows southeast into eastern Louisiana to become a tributary of the Red River.

Ouse: a river in northeastern England that flows generally southeastward to join the Trent River and form the Humber.

Bluff: very steep; having a prominent and almost vertical front.

Cliff: a steep high face of rock.

Abruptness: the property possessed by a slope that is very steep.

Crag: a steep rugged rock or cliff.

Mississippi: a major North American river and the chief river of the United States; rises in northern Minnesota and flows southward into the Gulf of Mexico.

Related Words

Cascade : آبشار

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