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Nateeja : نتیجہ

1. Final Result, Outcome, Result, Resultant, Termination : نتیجہ - انجام : (noun) something that results.

2. Aftermath, Backwash, Wake : نتیجہ - برا نتیجہ - بعد : (noun) the consequences of an event (especially a catastrophic event).

3. Branch, Offset, Offshoot, Outgrowth : شاخ - ٹہنی - شاخسانہ : (noun) a natural consequence of development.

4. Response : نتیجہ : (noun) a result.

5. Conclusion : نتیجہ : (noun) an intuitive assumption.

6. Aftermath, Consequence : نتیجہ : (noun) the outcome of an event especially as relative to an individual.

7. Harvest : نتیجہ : (noun) the consequence of an effort or activity.

8. Fruition, Realisation, Realization : پھل - ثمر - نتیجہ : (noun) something that is made real or concrete.

Hal : Result : a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem. "They were trying to find a peaceful solution"

Nateeja, Anjaam : Result : something that results. "A bad deed has a bad result"

Asr : Result : a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon. "The magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise"

Nateeja Nikalna : Result : come about or follow as a consequence. "Nothing will result from this meeting"

Zahir Hona, Nateeja Nikalna : Result : issue or terminate (in a specified way, state, etc.); end. "Result in tragedy"

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