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Familial meaning in Urdu

Familial Sentences

Familial traits.
Children of the same familial background.

Familial Synonyms


Familial Definitions

1 of 2) Familial : خاندان سے متعلق : (adjective) relating to or having the characteristics of a family.

Familial aggregation.

2 of 2) Familial, Genetic, Hereditary, Inherited, Transmissible, Transmitted : خاندانی : (satellite adjective) occurring among members of a family usually by heredity.

Useful Words

Apian : شہد کی مکھیوں کا یا ان سے متعلق , Satyric : شہوانی , Journalistic : صحافت سے متعلق , Autodidactic : خود تعلیمی , Planetal : سیارے کے متعلق , Dynast : حاکم , Dumb : بے زبان , Heritage : وراثت , Aristocracy : اشرافیہ , Crowned Head : سلطان , Exclusive Right : استحقاق , Devolve : سپرد ہونا , Caste : معاشرتی رتبہ , Heritable : موروثی , Dystrophy : بیماری جو عضا کو کمزور کردے , Born : پیدائشی , Paternal : آبائی , Original Sin : گناہ اولین , Ancestral : مورثی , Ancestry : جائیداد , Tradition : روایت , Heritage : ورثہ , Hereditament : میراث , Monogenic Disease : ایک خاندانی بیماری , Inherit : ورثے میں پانا , Araucaria Bidwillii : بڑے بیجوں والا درخت , Mediterranean Anaemia : خون میں ہمیو گلوبین کی کمی کا خاندانی مرض , Color Blindness : رنگوں میں تمیز کرنے کی قابلیت نہ ہونا , Heritage : وراثت , Race : جنس , Heredity : موروثی

Useful Words Definitions

Apian: relating to or having the characteristics of bees.

Satyric: of or relating to or having the characteristics of a satyr.

Journalistic: of or relating to or having the characteristics of journalism.

Autodidactic: relating to or having the characteristics of an autodidact.

Planetal: of or relating to or resembling the physical or orbital characteristics of a planet or the planets.

Dynast: a hereditary ruler.

Dumb: unable to speak because of hereditary deafness.

Heritage: hereditary succession to a title or an office or property.

Aristocracy: a privileged class holding hereditary titles.

Crowned Head: a nation`s ruler or head of state usually by hereditary right.

Exclusive Right: a right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (especially a hereditary or official right).

Devolve: be inherited by.

Caste: a social class separated from others by distinctions of hereditary rank or profession or wealth.

Heritable: capable of being inherited.

Dystrophy: any of several hereditary diseases of the muscular system characterized by weakness and wasting of skeletal muscles.

Born: being talented through inherited qualities.

Paternal: belonging to or inherited from one`s father.

Original Sin: a sin said to be inherited by all descendants of Adam.

Ancestral: of or belonging to or inherited from an ancestor.

Ancestry: inherited properties shared with others of your bloodline.

Tradition: an inherited pattern of thought or action.

Heritage: any attribute or immaterial possession that is inherited from ancestors.

Hereditament: any property (real or personal or mixed) that can be inherited.

Monogenic Disease: an inherited disease controlled by a single pair of genes.

Inherit: receive by genetic transmission.

Araucaria Bidwillii: Australian conifer bearing two-inch seeds tasting like roasted chestnuts; among the aborigines the tree is hereditary property protected by law.

Mediterranean Anaemia: an inherited type of anemia resulting from impaired hemoglobin synthesis.

Color Blindness: genetic inability to distinguish differences in hue.

Heritage: that which is inherited; a title or property or estate that passes by law to the heir on the death of the owner.

Race: people who are believed to belong to the same genetic stock.

Heredity: the biological process whereby genetic factors are transmitted from one generation to the next.

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