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Feeding meaning in Urdu

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Feeding Definitions

1 of 2) Feeding, Eating : کھانے کا عمل, کھانا : (noun) the act of consuming food.

2 of 2) Feeding, Alimentation : خوراک دینے کا عمل : (noun) the act of supplying food and nourishment.

Useful Words

Bunk : مویشیوں کے چارے والا کونڈا , Apivorous : نحل خور , Carpophagous : پھل خور , Baccivorous : گوندنی خور , Herbivorous : نباتات خور , Piscivorous : مچھلی خور , Omnivorous : نباتاتی و حیوانی دونوں خوراک کھانا , Necrophagia : مردار کھانے والا , Phytophagic : سبزی خور , Insectivorous : حشرہ خور , Computer Readable : کمپیوٹر کے موافق , Hayrack : چارے کا خانہ , Forced Feeding : جبراً کھلانے کا عمل , Sparrow : عام چڑیا , Pupa : کیڑوں کی تیسری تولیدی حالت , Feeding Chair : بچے کی کرسی , Vulture : گدھ , Fungus : سماروغ , Larval : سنڈی , Omophagia : کچی غذا کھانا جیسے گوشت وغیرہ , Fork : کانٹا , Cutlery : چھری کانٹے , Eat Up : تمام کھانا کھانا , Consumption : کھانا پینا , Dine Out : باہر کھانا , Rind : سخت چھال , Gastronomy : کھانا پکانے کا فن , Sup : تہوڑا تہوڑا کھانا , Food Court : شوپینگ مال سے متصل کھانے کی جگہ , Snack Food : ہلکا کھانا , Common Opossum : صاریغ ایک لومڑی جیسا جانور

Useful Words Definitions

Bunk: a long trough for feeding cattle is a narrow container, often made of wood or metal, used to provide food to livestock.

Apivorous: feeding on bees.

Carpophagous: feeding on fruit.

Baccivorous: feeding on berries.

Herbivorous: feeding only on plants.

Piscivorous: feeding on fishes.

Omnivorous: feeding on both plants and animals.

Necrophagia: feeding on corpses or carrion.

Phytophagic: (of animals) feeding on plants.

Insectivorous: (of animals and plants) feeding on insects.

Computer Readable: suitable for feeding directly into a computer.

Hayrack: a rack that holds hay for feeding livestock.

Forced Feeding: feeding that consists of the delivery of a nutrient solution (as through a nasal tube) to someone who cannot or will not eat.

Sparrow: any of several small dull-colored singing birds feeding on seeds or insects.

Pupa: an insect in the inactive stage of development (when it is not feeding) intermediate between larva and adult.

Feeding Chair: a chair for feeding a very young child; has four long legs and a footrest and a detachable tray.

Vulture: any of various large diurnal birds of prey having naked heads and weak claws and feeding chiefly on carrion.

Fungus: an organism of the kingdom Fungi lacking chlorophyll and feeding on organic matter; ranging from unicellular or multicellular organisms to spore-bearing syncytia.

Larval: immature of its kind; especially being or characteristic of immature insects in the newly hatched wormlike feeding stage.

Omophagia: the eating of raw food.

Fork: cutlery used for serving and eating food.

Cutlery: tableware implements for cutting and eating food.

Eat Up: finish eating all the food on one's plate or on the table.

Consumption: the process of taking food into the body through the mouth (as by eating).

Dine Out: the act of eating a meal at a restaurant or any food establishment outside of one`s home.

Rind: the natural outer covering of food (usually removed before eating).

Gastronomy: the art and practice of choosing and preparing and eating good food.

Sup: take solid or liquid food into the mouth a little at a time either by drinking or by eating with a spoon.

Food Court: an area (as in a shopping mall) where fast food is sold (usually around a common eating area).

Snack Food: food for light meals or for eating between meals.

Common Opossum: omnivorous opossum of the eastern United States; noted for feigning death when in danger; esteemed as food in some areas; considered same species as the crab-eating opossum of South America.

Related Words

Chew : چبانے کا عمل , Coprophagia : فضلہ کھانا , Engorgement : ہڑپ کرنے کا عمل , Graze : سبزہ والی زمین , Provision : فراہمی

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