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Feel Like meaning in Urdu

Feel Like Sentence

I don`t feel like it.

Feel Like Definitions

1) Feel Like : جی چاہنا, دل چاہنا : (verb) have an inclination for something or some activity.

I feel like staying in bed all day.
I feel like a cold beer now.


Useful Words

Regret : پچھتانا , Soothe : سکون ملنا , Poor Devil : وہ جس سے آپ معذرت خواہ ہوں , Sadden : دکھ ہونا , Grope For : ڈہونڈنا , Joy : شادمانی , Aggrieve : غم ہونا , Loosen Up : سکون عطا کرنا , Pride Oneself : فخر محسوس کرنا , Grieve : صدمہ , Confuse : پریشان کرنا , Admire : احترام کرنا , Thirst : پانی کی پیاس لگنا , Mourn : غم کا اظہار کرنا , Sensible : احساس والا , Offend : ٹھیس پہنچانا , Ache : درد ہونا , Fumble : ٹٹولنا , Freshen : پاک کرنا , Abash : شرمندہ کرنا , Cheer : خوش کرنا , Resent : برا منانا , Desire : چاہنا , Like : دیکھنا , Finger : انگلی سے محسوس کرنا , Suffer : متاثر ہونا , Inclination : رجحان , Incline : راضی ہونا , Texture : بناوٹ , Sad : غمگین , Be Well : تندرست ہونا

Useful Words Definitions

Regret: feel remorse for; feel sorry for; be contrite about.

Soothe: cause to feel better.

Poor Devil: someone you feel sorry for.

Sadden: come to feel sad.

Grope For: feel searchingly.

Joy: feel happiness or joy.

Aggrieve: cause to feel sorrow.

Loosen Up: cause to feel relaxed.

Pride Oneself: feel proud of.

Grieve: feel grief.

Confuse: cause to feel embarrassment.

Admire: feel admiration for.

Thirst: feel the need to drink.

Mourn: feel sadness.

Sensible: able to feel or perceive.

Offend: cause to feel resentment or indignation.

Ache: feel physical pain.

Fumble: feel about uncertainly or blindly.

Freshen: make (to feel) fresh.

Abash: cause to be embarrassed; cause to feel self-conscious.

Cheer: cause (somebody) to feel happier or more cheerful.

Resent: feel bitter or indignant about.

Desire: feel or have a desire for; want strongly.

Like: feel about or towards; consider, evaluate, or regard.

Finger: feel or handle with the fingers.

Suffer: feel unwell or uncomfortable.

Inclination: that toward which you are inclined to feel a liking.

Incline: feel favorably disposed or willing.

Texture: the feel of a surface or a fabric.

Sad: of things that make you feel sad.

Be Well: be healthy; feel good.

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