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Firmness meaning in Urdu

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Firmness in Detail

1) Firmness, Firmness Of Purpose, Resoluteness, Resolution, Resolve : ثابت قدمی : (noun) the trait of being resolute.

Related : Trait : a distinguishing feature of your personal nature. Willpower : the trait of resolutely controlling your own behavior. Stubbornness : resolute adherence to your own ideas or desires.

Useful Words

Resolute : پر عزم : firm in purpose or belief; characterized by firmness and determination. "Stood resolute against the enemy".

Commitment, Committedness : ثابت قدمی : the trait of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose. "You made a commitment with me that you would marry me but you are marrying that boy after seeing his money, compulsion is just an excuse".

Dysfunctional, Nonadaptive : ناکارہ : (of a trait or condition) failing to serve an adjustive purpose. "Dysfunctional behavior".

Decisively, Resolutely : پر عزمی سے : with firmness. "`I will come along,` she said decisively".

Firmly, Hard : مضبوطی سے : with firmness. "Held hard to the railing".

Foursquare, Squarely, Straightforwardly : صاف صاف : with firmness and conviction; without compromise. "He stood foursquare for religious liberty and toleration".

Indecisive : غیر فیصلہ کن : characterized by lack of decision and firmness. "An indecisive manager brought the enterprise to a standstill".

Unstable : غیر مستحکم : lacking stability or fixity or firmness. "After falling from the roof, his condition is still unstable and also lost his memory".

Granite : ثابت قدم : something having the quality of granite (unyielding firmness). "A man of granite".

Lax : کمزور : lacking in strength or firmness or resilience. "A lax rope".

Palpation, Tactual Exploration : جسمانی جانچ کا عمل : a method of examination in which the examiner feels the size or shape or firmness or location of something (of body parts when the examiner is a health professional).

Earnestness, Serious-Mindedness, Seriousness, Sincerity : سنجیدہ دماغی : the trait of being serious. "A lack of solemnity is not necessarily a lack of seriousness".

Amenability, Amenableness, Cooperativeness : تعاون کرنے کی خاصیت : the trait of being cooperative. "His amenability is surprising".

Adventurousness, Venturesomeness : جسارت : the trait of being adventurous.

Distrust, Distrustfulness, Mistrust : بے اعتمادی کرنا : the trait of not trusting others.

Impishness, Mischievousness, Puckishness, Whimsicality : شرارت : the trait of behaving like an imp.

Recalcitrance, Recalcitrancy, Refractoriness, Unmanageableness : کٹر پن : the trait of being unmanageable.

Communicativeness : بات پہنچانے کی خاصیت : the trait of being communicative.

Uncommunicativeness : خاموشی : the trait of being uncommunicative.

Involuntariness, Unwillingness : ناخوشی : the trait of being unwilling. "His unwillingness to cooperate vetoed every proposal I made".

Moderation, Temperance : پرہیز : the trait of avoiding excesses.

Immodesty : مغرور ہونے کا خاصہ : the trait of being vain and conceited.

Compulsiveness, Compulsivity : مجبوری : the trait of acting compulsively.

Humorousness, Jocoseness, Jocosity, Merriness : مسخراپن : the trait of merry joking.

Effeminacy, Effeminateness, Sissiness, Softness, Unmanliness, Womanishness : زنانہ پن : the trait of being effeminate (derogatory of a man). "The students associated science with masculinity and arts with effeminacy".

Brutality, Ferociousness, Savagery, Viciousness : سفاکی : the trait of extreme cruelty.

Thriftlessness, Waste, Wastefulness : ضیاع : the trait of wasting resources. "A life characterized by thriftlessness and waste".

Frankness, Outspokenness : صاف گوئی : the trait of being blunt and outspoken.

Sedateness, Solemness, Solemnity, Staidness : سنجیدگی : a trait of dignified seriousness.

Domineeringness, Imperiousness, Overbearingness : غالبیت : the trait of being imperious and overbearing.

Impenitence, Impenitency : ناپشیمانی : the trait of refusing to repent.