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Fistfight meaning in Urdu

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Contend : لڑنا , Boxing : مکے بازی , Boxer : مکے باز , Bare : ننگا کرنا , Bare : ننگا کرنا , Barehanded : نہتہ , Abstemiousness : کفایت شعاری , Buff : ننگے بدن , Boxing Glove : مکے بازی کا دستانہ , Afforestation : زمین کو جنگل بنانے کا عمل , Homophone : ہم ہجہ الفاظ , Scapose : ڈنٹھل سے مشابہ , Think Piece : فکر انگیز مضمون , Affray : جھگڑا , Spar : منہ ماری کرنا , Set-To : مختصر لیکن زوردار جھگڑا , Brawl : بلند آواز والا جھگڑا , Crusade : صلیبی جنگ لڑنا , Defend : مزاحمت کرنا , Battle Royal : ہنگامہ , Bellicoseness : لڑاکا پن , Battleful : پھڈے باز , Challenge : للکار , Boxing Ring : انعامی کشتی کا اکھاڑہ , Bat : بری طرح ہرانا , Cavalry : گھڑسوار فوج , Brush : لڑائی , Aggressive : جارح , Gang Fight : لڑائی , Torero : سانڈ کا مقابلہ کرنے والا , Pacify : امن بحال کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Contend: be engaged in a fight; carry on a fight.

Boxing: fighting with the fists.

Boxer: someone who fights with his fists for sport.

Bare: lay bare.

Bare: lay bare.

Barehanded: with bare hands.

Abstemiousness: restricted to bare necessities.

Buff: bare skin; naked.

Boxing Glove: boxing equipment consisting of big and padded coverings for the fists of the fighters; worn for the sport of boxing.

Afforestation: the conversion of bare or cultivated land into forest (originally for the purpose of hunting).

Homophone: two words are homophones if they are pronounced the same way but differ in meaning or spelling or both (e.g. bare and bear).

Scapose: resembling or consisting of a scape; having a bare leafless stalk growing directly from the ground.

Think Piece: an article in a newspaper or magazine or journal that represents opinions and ideas and discussion rather than bare facts.

Affray: a noisy fight.

Spar: fight verbally.

Set-To: a brief but vigorous fight.

Brawl: a noisy fight in a crowd.

Crusade: go on a crusade; fight a holy war.

Defend: fight against or resist strongly.

Battle Royal: a noisy riotous fight.

Bellicoseness: a natural disposition to fight.

Battleful: having or showing a ready disposition to fight.

Challenge: a call to engage in a contest or fight.

Boxing Ring: a square ring where boxers fight.

Bat: beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight.

Cavalry: troops trained to fight on horseback.

Brush: a minor short-term fight.

Aggressive: characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight.

Gang Fight: a fight between rival gangs of adolescents.

Torero: a matador or one of the supporting team during a bull fight.

Pacify: fight violence and try to establish peace in (a location).

Related Words

Combat : لڑائی

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