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Fitting meaning in Urdu

Fitting Synonyms


Fitting Definitions

1 of 13) Fitting, Fit, Go : درست ہونا, صحیح ہونا : (verb) be the right size or shape; fit correctly or as desired.

3 of 13) Fitting, Accommodation, Adjustment : موافقت, مطابقت : (noun) making or becoming suitable; adjusting to circumstances.

4 of 13) Fitting, Conniption, Fit, Scene, Tantrum : غضب, چڑچڑاہٹ, غصے کا اظہار : (noun) a display of bad temper.

5 of 13) Fitting, Accommodate, Fit, Suit : مطابق, قابل قبول ہونا : (verb) be agreeable or acceptable to.

6 of 13) Fitting, Convulsion, Fit, Paroxysm : اچانک حملہ, اچانک دورہ پڑنا : (noun) a sudden uncontrollable attack.

7 of 13) Fitting, Fit : ٹھیک ہونا : (noun) the manner in which something fits.

8 of 13) Fitting, Fit : جسمانی طور پر تندرست ہونا : (adjective) physically and mentally sound or healthy.

9 of 13) Fitting, Fit : ٹھیک بنانا, درست بنانا : (verb) make fit.

10 of 13) Fitting, Fit : فٹ کرنا, لگانا : (verb) insert or adjust several objects or people.

11 of 13) Fitting, Agree, Check, Correspond, Fit, Gibe, Jibe, Match, Tally : ہم آہنگ ہونا, موافق ہونا : (verb) be compatible, similar or consistent; coincide in their characteristics.

12 of 13) Fitting, Fit : چست ہونا : (verb) conform to some shape or size.

13 of 13) Fitting, Equip, Fit, Fit Out, Outfit : کسی مقصد کے لئے لیس کرنا سامان دینا : (verb) provide with (something) usually for a specific purpose.

Useful Words

Harmonious : مناسب , Close : تنگ مگر آرام دہ جگہ , Cap : ٹوپی , Condign : مناسب , Jersey : جرسی , Baggy : تھیلے کی طرح ڈھیلا ڈھالا , Just : مناسب , Bathing Cap : تیراکی کے دوران سر ڈھاپنے والی ٹوپی , Corset : عورتوں کی تنگ بنیان , Bathing Costume : تیراکی کے کپڑے , Rabbet Joint : چول کا جوڑ , Tactful : ہوشیار , Ski Cap : مخروطی لمبی سی ٹوپی جس کے اوپر پھندنا بنا ہوتا ھے , Tactless : بیکار , Polo-Neck : اونچے کالر والی جرسی , Banian : بنیان , Goggles : حفاظتی چشمہ , Coverall : عبا , Pipe Fitting : پائپوں کو باہم جوڑنے کا کام , Tunic : لمبی قمیض , Newmarket : انیسویں صدی میں عورت یا مرد کا لمبا چست کوٹ , Stocking : موزہ , Bustier : رات کو پہنا جا نے والا عورتوں کا مختصر لباس , Blue Jean : جین کی پتلون , Gown : گاوٴن , Pare : کنارے کاٹنا , Preform : تیار کرنا , Tank Top : ایک قسم کی بنیان نما شرٹ , Body Suit : ایک قسم کا چست لباس جو ناچ کے لئے پہنا جاتا ہے , Carving : سنگ تراشی , Pill : گولی

Useful Words Definitions

Harmonious: suitable and fitting.

Close: fitting closely but comfortably.

Cap: a tight-fitting headdress.

Condign: fitting or appropriate and deserved; used especially of punishment.

Jersey: a close-fitting pullover shirt.

Baggy: not fitting closely; hanging loosely.

Just: used especially of what is legally or ethically right or proper or fitting.

Bathing Cap: a tight-fitting cap that keeps hair dry while swimming.

Corset: a woman's close-fitting foundation garment.

Bathing Costume: tight fitting garment worn for swimming.

Rabbet Joint: a joint formed by fitting together two rabbeted boards.

Tactful: having or showing a sense of what is fitting and considerate in dealing with others.

Ski Cap: a close-fitting woolen cap; often has a tapering tail with a tassel.

Tactless: lacking or showing a lack of what is fitting and considerate in dealing with others.

Polo-Neck: a sweater or jersey with a high close-fitting collar.

Banian: a loose fitting jacket; originally worn in India.

Goggles: tight-fitting spectacles worn to protect the eyes.

Coverall: a loose-fitting protective garment that is worn over other clothing.

Pipe Fitting: fitting consisting of threaded pieces of pipe for joining pipes together.

Tunic: any of a variety of loose fitting cloaks extending to the hips or knees.

Newmarket: a long close-fitting coat worn for riding in the 19th century.

Stocking: close-fitting hosiery to cover the foot and leg; come in matched pairs (usually used in the plural).

Bustier: a close-fitting and strapless top without sleeves that is worn by women either as lingerie or for evening dress.

Blue Jean: (usually plural) close-fitting trousers of heavy denim for manual work or casual wear.

Gown: a woman's dress, usually with a close-fitting bodice and a long flared skirt, often worn on formal occasions.

Pare: remove the edges from and cut down to the desired size.

Preform: form into a shape resembling the final, desired one.

Tank Top: a tight-fitting sleeveless shirt with wide shoulder straps and low neck and no front opening; often worn over a shirt or blouse.

Body Suit: a tight-fitting garment of stretchy material that covers the body from the shoulders to the thighs (and may have long sleeves or legs reaching down to the ankles); worn by ballet dancers and acrobats for practice or performance.

Carving: a sculpture created by removing material (as wood or ivory or stone) in order to create a desired shape.

Pill: something that resembles a tablet of medicine in shape or size.

Related Words

Readjustment : تشکیل نو , Run : کسوٹی , Fashion : طور طریقہ , Hang : کپڑے وغیرہ لٹکنا , Advance : اصلاح , Bad Temper : چڑچڑا پن , Form : تراشنا , Accommodate : حسب حال بنانا , Rig : بادبان لگانا , Motorize : موٹر لگانا , Motorize : موٹر کار دینا , Furnish : مہیا کرنا , Stock : دستہ لگانا , Be : ہے , Coincide : یکساں ہونا , Correlate : باہمی رشتہ رکھنا , Blend : ملنا , Able : مضبوط جسم والا , Conditioned : ٹھیک حالت , Healthy : تندرست , Sound : معاشی طور پر مستحکم

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