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Fixing meaning in Urdu

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Fixing in Detail

1 of 2) Fixing, Fix, Fixture, Mend, Mending, Repair, Reparation : مرمت : (noun) the act of putting something in working order again.

Related : Improvement : the act of improving something. Darning : the act of mending a hole in a garment with crossing threads. Upkeep : activity involved in maintaining something in good working order.

2 of 2) Fixing, Fastener, Fastening, Holdfast : جمانے یا روکنے والا : (noun) restraint that attaches to something or holds something in place.

Related : Buckle : fastener that fastens together two ends of a belt or strap; often has loose prong. Button : a round fastener sewn to shirts and coats etc to fit through buttonholes. Clinch : the flattened part of a nail or bolt or rivet.

Useful Words

Patch, Patch Up : پیوند لگانا : mend by putting a patch on. "Patch a hole".

Reform : سدھارنا : make changes for improvement in order to remove abuse and injustices. "Reform a political system".

Broken-Down : خراب : not in working order. "Had to push the broken-down car".

Preparation, Readying : تیاری : the activity of putting or setting in order in advance of some act or purpose. "What about preparation?".

Reformation : مذہب وغیرہ کا سدھار : improvement (or an intended improvement) in the existing form or condition of institutions or practices etc.; intended to make a striking change for the better in social or political or religious affairs.

Broken, Busted : خراب : out of working order (`busted` is an informal substitute for `broken`). "The AC has broken".

Care, Maintenance, Upkeep : محفوظ رکھنا : activity involved in maintaining something in good working order. "He wrote the manual on car care".

Darner : رفو گر : a person who mends by darning.

Fiddle, Tinker : ٹھیک کرنا : try to fix or mend. "Can you tinker with the TV set--it's not working right".

Cobble : مرمت کرنا : repair or mend. "Cobble shoes".

Hypo, Sodium Thiosulfate, Sodium Thiosulphate : تھائیو سلفیٹ کا سوڈا : a compound used as a fixing agent in photographic developing.

Bargain, Deal : سودا : an agreement between parties (usually arrived at after discussion) fixing obligations of each. "She made a bargain with the devil".

Tinker, Tinkerer : مکینک : a person who enjoys fixing and experimenting with machines and their parts.

Can, Commode, Crapper, Pot, Potty, Stool, Throne, Toilet : کموڈ : a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination. "New wall-hung commode is not so stable".

Shower : شاور : a plumbing fixture that sprays water over you. "They installed a shower in the bathroom".

Urinal : مردوں کی پیشاب گاہ : a plumbing fixture (usually attached to the wall) used by men to urinate.

Soap Dish : صابن دانی : a bathroom or kitchen fixture for holding a bar of soap. "Fix the soap dish in bathroom".

Chandelier, Pendant, Pendent : فانوس : branched lighting fixture; often ornate; hangs from the ceiling. "4 bulb chandelier is available in 3000 Rs".

Improvable : ترقی پذیر : susceptible of improvement.

Sink : سنک : plumbing fixture consisting of a water basin fixed to a wall or floor and having a drainpipe.

Enhancement, Sweetening : اضافہ : an improvement that makes something more agreeable.

Redeemable, Reformable : قابل اصلاح : susceptible to improvement or reform. "A redeemable sinner".

Betterment : بہبود : an improvement that adds to the value of a property or facility.

Advancement, Progress : ترقی : gradual improvement or growth or development. "Advancement of knowledge".

Accession : حق ملکیت : (civil law) the right to all of that which your property produces whether by growth or improvement.

Correction, Rectification : تصحیح : the act of offering an improvement to replace a mistake; setting right.

Emplacement, Locating, Location, Placement, Position, Positioning : رکھنے کا عمل : the act of putting something in a certain place.

Insertion, Introduction, Intromission : ایک چیز کو دوسرے میں ڈالنے کا عمل : the act of putting one thing into another.

Putter : گالف کھیلنے کا بلا : a golfer who is putting.

Fitting, Try-On, Trying On : فٹنگ کا لباس پہن کر دیکھنا کے وہ فٹ ہیں یا نہیں : putting clothes on to see whether they fit.

Application : اطلاق : the action of putting something into operation. "The application of maximum thrust".